Monday, August 5, 2013

10 Places Holidays in Australia

Tourist spots in Australia it is expensive? Waits, says who? If you're observant, there are plenty of cool free at this kangaroo country. Well, here are some of them:

The Royal Botanic Gardens

It is the largest botanical garden opened to the public in Sydney. Beautifully manicured park offers spectacular views of one of the Mrs Macquarie's Chair, a chair-shaped sandstone carved for Governor Macquarie's wife, Elizabeth.

Darwin Beer Can Regatta

Never seen a ship made out of tin cans? Imagine racing boats are racing on a beach. Well, the view can be seen in the show titled Darwin Beer Can Regatta held at Mindil Beach, Darwin.

Alice Desert Festival

Located in between the red sand and clear blue skies, Alice desert festival is cool. In a festival held in the Northern Territory, you can join the locals to share their stories and songs.

The Australian National Maritime Museum

Studying the history of a nation is interesting. Moreover, if learning can be done in a beautiful museum. Well, The Australian National Maritime Museum offers it. The museum also provides guide services for free of charge at the gallery 'extermination vampires' and maritime cultural center.

Flinders Street Station

If you stop in Melbourne, Victoria, you should not miss a visit to Flinders Street Station. Here you will find the railway station with the Victorian style of architecture. This place is touted as a suburban railway station busiest in Australia.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This place is a bridge connecting the Sydney CBD and North Shore. The bridge was nicknamed 'The coat hanger' special features views of the harbor and the Sydney Opera House.

The City Circle

Want to feel a true Melbournian? Please you ride tem The City Circle. Unlike regular tram, the city circle provides guidance voice services in some specific routes.


The Entrance and Daisy Hill Koala Centre

For those who like animals, do not forget to stop at The Entrance, New South Wales. Here you can see how cute the pelican birds when fed. If you want to see koalas, you can also come to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre

The Pinanncles Desert

If you want to see the natural wonders of limestone, compaction to please you pinnancles desert. Here there are hundreds of natural limestone as high as five meters 25,000-30,000 years old. The place is very beautiful views, especially when the sun sets.

Shark Bay World Heritage

Want to see the dolphins? Come, come into shark bay world heritage. Here you can see dolphins from monkey mia. Usually there are about seven bottle nose dolphins who come to this beach waiting to be fed.
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