Thursday, August 8, 2013

Deeply Relaxed in Fresh Nature

Executive summary by darmansjah

‘Dewata’ Island famous for its stunning panorama, from the hills and mountains, beautiful beaches, to the rice terraces stretching from the foothills down to the beach. If you want to find a crowd, go to the southern part of Bali which has Kuta Beach. Binger noisy atmosphere at Kuta is so crowded with tourists, Ubud offers a different atmosphere. Beautiful panorama of existence as well as the cultural center of Ubud in Bali to make an interesting tourist sites. You can stay in Ubud while enjoying  the natural beauty that lie in sight. One other thing that makes Ubud is famous for its reputation as a spa lovers paradise with all sorts of alternative treatments available. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a spa treatment in your visit to this region.

Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness is one of the spa in Ubud which provides natural Susana so you can be more relaxed while enjoying a series of treatments are available as needed. Located in a beautiful spot overlooking the valley and the beautiful natural Ubud, has tropical trees and a soothing water element. you can choose various treatments performed in a luxurious private spa vial scattered along the banks of the Ayung River. Two-story villa buildings can be booked for your own or with a partner. The lower floor includes a modern area which is decorated with elements of Bali, and is equipped with changing rooms and bathrooms. While the upper floor is an open room overlooking the garden. All of the building is designed complete with Balinese style. Three types of villas on offer is generous ayung villa, villa ayung relaxation, and the Ayung treatment villas. Except for the latter, each villa has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and private.

Your treatment at Kirana Spa lakkukan very diverse, ranging from facial, massage, healing therapies, to manicure and pedicure. Especially for facials, products used are Shiseido, a Japanese beauty products dengna renowned quality and benefits for Asian skin. For massage and therapy, Kirana Spa using Decleor products and Royal Kirana. Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness also has a number of combination packages so you can enjoy a treatment at whole body. One of the packages offered are Royal Retreat which includes body massage, reflexology foot and hand, facial, and spa in a special room with a total care for five hours. In closing you can eat organic food that is served at Longue & Garden Spa.

Other facilities at Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness is a Spa Garden, a tranquil garden area equipped with two swimming pools, Garden Bar, pavilion for yoga, separate Jacuzzi bath, and sauna. You can freely use this fasilita either before or after treatment. Located close to The Royal Pita Maha resort, Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness is the right choice for you to enjoy the treatment with unspoiled scenery around.

Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness, Sanggingan Road, Ubud T.0361 976 333 80 571 F. 0361 974888 e. and enjoy browsing

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