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Amsterdam City Pulse

Dutch expertise; Amsterdam polish its historic charm. The capital of the Netherlands is entering a new golden era? By Raphael Kadushin, executive summary by darmansjah

When Unesco acclaim Amsterdam canal area as a World Heritage site in July 2010, and immediately recognized the image of the city is changing. For decades, Amsterdam holds a negative reputation as a center for prostitution and most stretching bachelor party in Europe.

This ordain restore the prestige of the great canal. Renovation of historic attractions received positive appreciation from the local people, making Amsterdam the Netherlands is now over its nuances.

WHAT TO DO Enjoy the splendor Canal District and catching one of the tour boats that ply the four main canal (Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht). Skip the typical canal house 17th-century jeweled milkmaids, mermaids, swans, and sea monsters.

Not far from the Singel, there is a floating flower market offering a bouquet of colorful tulips (including dark purple).

Heading northwest Singel, flown Spui square packed with the students at the University of Amsterdam. The square is framed by the cafes and bookstores, including the Athenaeum (offer distinctive works of art and historic Dutch). Surprisingly, there is a direct path that leads from a crowded place where it's quiet: Begijnhof, a beautiful pastoral courtyard surrounded medieval houses. Formerly, be a refuge for virgins and widows.

Foam Museum has galleries creation contains a diverse collection of creative, covering the work of documentary, high-value art and historic photographs. Consider also the unique work of great photographers under 30 years old.

Canal House Museum ( which was built in the 17th century is a new tourist spot in the Channel District, which is restored by a team of artists, architects, and cultural historian. Interactive Technology describes the evolution of the house and around the canal. Images of life in the golden era of citizen Amstedam projected onto the wall.

Townspeople usually go shopping at unique boutiques row Nine Streets, located in a narrow rocky path that connects the major canals. Also stop by the bakery Pump-Dour to enjoy cake or candy peach green tea.

The fans came to fashion boutiques offering Margriet Nanning fashion collection of men and women. Also, visit Adrian who sells men's clothing and shoes colored and patterned festive.

Otherist is like a cart containing a giant golden keys so even if you can not afford to buy a house by the canal, you can still open the door of one of the houses. You never know which one. Frozen Fountain is a showroom for contemporary Dutch designers such as Marcel Wanders, ceramics decorated with ancient and classical motif Delft. Beside, Prinsheerlijk Antiques, antique store display artwork, from sleigh to light the baroque style.

WHERE TO EAT in Vinkeles dining room, at the Dylan Hotel, still has a brick oven made ​​the 18th century to produce bread. Menu-made Chef Dennis Kuipers recommended in the Michelin travel guide book, like langoustines roasted and boiled bird chest.

Bordewijk favored local residents offering typical French luxury and comfort in the Lowlands typical plate of pate of smoked beef combined foigeas Amsterdam.

In the south eizersgracht, there is Café Walem a more relaxed and interesting people to eat brown bread Amsterdam coated goat cheese melt.

Leave space in the stomach to eat a variety of Indonesian dishes at Long Pura Restaurant, which serves rijsttafel, from sweetness (chicken seasoning Bali) to spicy (pork cooked tomato sauce).

WHERE TO STAY Hotel de L'Europe on the banks of the river Amstel has 23 rooms a new type of Dutch Masters Wing Master, each decorated with paintings from the Rijksmuseum.

Canal House decorated with shades of purple and black. no rear garden designed specifically for romantic dinners.

Canal-style town house, Ambassede offers a beautiful view of the Herengracht canal room upstairs. ambassade is a favorite author of the book tour, which features a library of books containing the remains of the guests, such as Salman Rusdie, Jonathan Franzen, and Isabel Allende.

Even more Spartan, 't hotel with eight rooms that allow you to feel living in an artificial canal houses the 17th century; please please any artificial lift the 21st century.

Several windows at Seven Bridges Hotel offers views of seven series bridges.

Navigate the Channel District, the surge that resides makes the authentic Amsterdam trot.

If you only have a bit of time to explore the Canal District, toward to the northwest end. Anchor on Prinsengracht canal and diffuse with Jordaan, who inhabited the classic bohemian workers. This channel is filled with classic landmarks Amsterdam and native Amsterdammers (they who give voice whistle bikes).

WESTERKIRK Protestant church built in the 17th century, where there is the tomb of Rembrandt, who died in a dad, also 85 meter high tower that can be climbed (without the need to count 186 rungs). The best visiting time in the summer to get a panoramic view of the tower slightly shaking as high winds hit.

ANNE FRANK HOUSE spite of the large number of visitors every day, a special room where the Frank family hid diving two years away from the Nazis is still causing grief. Anne's diary was red-green display in the new museum, inaugurated by Queen Beatrix in 2010.

CAFÉ T'SMALLE storey building occupies a dark brown color - as cocoa colored patina. In the beginning was the refining and distribution of the famous drink jenever (gin juniper flavor typical Dutch). The interior is decorated with copper lamp worth of paintings by Johannes Vermeer.

Noordermarkt square in the Jordaan's charming bohemian local bi-weekly to enjoy the attractions: Market Saturday morning offering agricultural products including Dutch cheeses round and Sunday morning market selling typical Indian goods, cider, Delft pottery, and others.

MUSEUM  houseboat on Prinsengracht, which opened to the public this offers you the sensation of living in the canal.


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