Thursday, July 18, 2013

The beauty of the Hida region in Gifu province

Among the vibrant city of Hida in Gifu province is shirakawa-Go, where the village is famous for its farm houses are built with a unique architectural style. Shirakawa-Go is located at the foot of Mount Hakusan in northwest Gifu, which is a quiet mountain village with rice fields and a river running through it. A total of 114 houses in the village were all thatched, and is a Unesco world heritage site in 1995.

Shirakawa-Go and Gokayama  in Toyama province is a very important elements to preserve the culture and traditions of Japanese culture strong. Architectural styles seen in the village called 'gassho-zukuri'. 

Houses with thatched roofs are an important element in decision making as a world heritage site. But overall the traditional rural landscape are felt with the establishment of the houses. A mix of house, paddy field and the path is the true appeal shirakawa-go.

It seems like you have to take your time and walk around the whole village and the village shops to get a beautiful panorama that you can capture in your mind and your digital camera, as well as a memento before reasoning leaves the body.

Only with less than 50 hours (Japan is renowned for its accuracy in terms of time) bus. You can find other cities that have retained a traditional touch like those of other cities in Japan. As Takayama, Gifu Prefecture is located in the north, is a favorite area with beautiful old city. This area consists of three streets in the city center – which known as 'Sanmachi' - that preserve the look and feel of ari many fortified town is like being hundreds year.
Among the shops that you can visit at Samachi are cafes, souvenir shops, and many varieties of restaurants. In addition, with the delights of traditional Japanese snacks such as beef sushi. While walking in the city of Hida, you can satisfy your appetite with exploring the city that can soothe the soul. 

Wisteria is a vine flower on the roof of the old houses that exist in Hida clad in cool air with beautiful spring, it is recommended to visit. Takayama Festival held in the spring and fall, is one of the best festivals in Japan Modern today.

Elsewhere in the Hida area, you can enjoy the beauty of the Alps in Japan. Majestic mountains that offer wonderful views that will never be forgotten as long as the body was conceived life. The Ropeway with funicular Shinhotaka you will be taken to the top of the mountain with an altitude of 1,156 meters above sea level. Mountains with beautiful views of the soothing heart offers to visit each year. Although the mountainous area was covered with snow even during the winter, but the area of ​​the province Okuhida Takayama is a city that deserves to be visited and viewed with the deepest peace of mind!

Come to Japan and discover the rich history, tradition, nature and beauty ...!!

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