Friday, July 5, 2013

Impressions of Vietnam

executive summary by darmansjah

What is famous in Vietnam? The three words that immediately comes to mind is the view of most people, food, and souvenirs cheap, or war trauma. Here are some memorable places in Vietnam.

Halong Bay

If you come to Vietnam to do business or anything else, do not forget to stop by and enjoy the atmosphere in Halong Bay. To get there, we can use the cruise. Of the cruise, we will be invited to navigate the waters with scattered limestone cliffs that resemble unique
shaped curve back of a serpent (dragon).

Fun, food presented on the cruise so fancy dish like star. With a mixture of flavors between France and China, a variety of seafood served fresh and feel beautiful on the table.

In this place we can also learn to make a typical Vietnamese spring rolls, squid catch, to Tai Chi together in the morning on the boat. In the middle of Halong Bay, we'll find a settlement floating (typical of villages in Southeast Asia in general). There we will be taught how to raise pearls.

Hoi An

In addition to Halong Bay, enthusiasts view of the old town of Hoi An obligatory visit. By renting a bike, we can trace the river and the city twists through beautiful places and slums as well, dark and bitter memory tore. This place has a lot of typical souvenir sellers Hoi An, beautiful lanterns, woven or canvas painting, typical clothes Vietnam, to key chains, and other trinkets.

Discover also the original home of Vietnam that are over 400 years old, have  Japanese bridge architecture  , pagoda temples alike, as well as other ethnic buildings. Do not forget to eat unique foods  called 'balut' the 19-23 day-old chicken eggs that make you vomit. This is actually a high-protein foods that are good for health. At night, the scene in Hoi An lanterns decorated with a row of buildings in each city, along the river, as well as rows of classic wooden boats owned by local fishermen.

HO Chi Min City

Another mandatory city in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City. Busiest city which is also known as Saigon (remember when the Vietnam war was terrible) has many fabulous culinary collection. One is the sensation of sipping the soup pho rice noodle stew, sprinkled with bean sprouts, and sliced ​​raw beef, and chili. There is also a high flavor ice cream and coffee delicious Vietnamese specialties served by filtration over glass. And if you are enthusiast durian fruit, which will not be found elsewhere in the pia durian at Ben Thanh Market.

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