Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New York

Executive summary by darmansjah

New Yorker revealed five favorite places in the legendary area-so that you feel the thrill of local people.

Streets in Greenwich Village "call" for cyclists to cross.

FLY TO New York is my favorite, especially when sitting next to someone who has never set foot in this city. Actually I do not like talking on the plane, but when they asked the question, I am happy to answer: Where can I eat dim sum? How to reach Brooklyn? Have you ever been to the Apollo Theater? They were curious to know: is it time visit for three to five days or even a week is enough to explore the whole city?

Guggenheim museum, the icon upper east side, offers interactive programs for children on Sunday afternoons 

No. Certainly not enough. Already 40 years I lived in or around the city that always is growing rapidly every year. I was not sure whether to like or dislike any change in the opposite happened here. Obviously, I still feel not worthy claim to have known or know everything. All I know is my version of New York. It seems that everyone, not even family members or friends of mine had a taste of each of the city. You will be.

Small dogs are often found in a beautiful park carl schruz

Forget the list of must-see attractions of the usual tourist listened. Time to decide such trip this time is like saying: Once paddle two to three stone. Do what we do: Become more familiar with the area around the city. Being in the city for a week? Choose three or four areas. Explore while walking. Search the sidewalk. Choose your own pizza shop, restaurants, coffee shops, which you like. If you get the best of New York City, feel free to tell the world.

After two or three times in New York, you will see the truth of this city. Piece by piece this city is not going perfectly strung. Take just a few of the most exciting and united in your personal version of the map. - Fenna Schnuer.

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