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Original text by David Farley, executive summary by darmansjah

Winding streets and shops here are ideal for those who like to walk around aimlessly.

GREENWICH VILLAGE is The Big Apple, not unlike the Latin Quarter in Paris or the Trastevere in Rome. "Villages" stretches from Houston to 14th Street from south to north, and from Broadway to the Hudson River, from east to west. This area has been established for a long time, before the Manhattan building plans made ​​in the 19th century. Not surprisingly, the area was filled with a maze, winding roads, and intersections. (see for yourself intricacy and W.4th W.10th Street).

coated glass building by Richard Meler give a modern feel greenwich village

The artist, call Allen Ginsburg, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Jimi Hendrix, all came from this region. Likewise, the record label owned by Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios at 52 West 8th Street. Corresponding map mainstay of the tourists, long lines commonly seen in the Magnolia Bakery which made ​​location filming Sex and the city. Fashionable people who 'patrol' in a variety of upscale clothing stores used to look up and down the side of Bleecker Streets (one of the most popular in the region).

However, it does not hurt to walk around without armed with a map. Who knows could even find unexpected things like the Picasso sculpture garden on a patch of IM Pei-apartment near Washington Square Park. Alternatively, the buildings 'strange' as the building painted pink flashy creations filmmaker cum artist Julian Schnabel, the contrasting glazed buildings by Richard Meier.

Architect Richard Meier said the region is changing rapidly a few decades later. "Long ago the ancient buildings that are not groomed brown, also unsafe environment. But now the buildings have been renovated to be more beautiful, "said says Meier who had lived in Perry Street and Westbeth building its first project in 1969. "Come in mid-week, and see people busy cycling or conversing in cafes.

The specificity of this region: There is a coffee shop every few blocks. All-wood interior design, giving a warm feel. Great artists and writers mingle in jack's Stir Brew. Here, the visitors used to share a table and chatted familiar.

Flown Bonnie Slotnick's, a store that sells rare cook books. Many famous chefs come here looking for old recipe books among book shelves.

In this area there are four Michelin-recommended restaurant Soto, Blue Hill, Annisa, and Wallse. But if you want to dine like a local citizen, The Spotted Pig flown, typical British gastropub-select menu Old Speckled Hem and pork dishes with matching processed corn and vegetables chard. Alternatively, it may also choose one of three restaurants owned by Gabriel Stulman that the target of the local culinary tourism lovers: Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey's Grocery, and Fedora-style era of the 1950s.

"In a city crammed with billboards and buildings these people seem like Greenwich Village for a family atmosphere, a sense of community," said Stulman who lived on the top floor of his restaurant, Joseph Leonard.

True what is said Stulman. People fall in love with Greenwich Village as throughout New York just here alone they can not really get lost. -  by David Farley.

Around the Region

Visitors crowd the High Lane since it opened in June 2009. This famous park in the world (after Promenade Plantee in Paris). It stretches from the Meatpacking District to W.20th Street (and connect to W.34th Street) was once the rail cargo salvaged from environmental activists demolition action. Now being a comfortable way, with gardens, park benches, artwork, and views of the Hudson River. Park also flown in Gansevoort and Washington Streets.-DF.

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