Monday, July 15, 2013

Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra

By Mohammad Rizki Syahmanda, executive summary by darmansjah

Preferably from ' Bukit Tinggi ': a city that has a unique characteristic. Strong historical value, the object of diverse culture, and the food was very tasty.

Recommendations breakfast menu: rice kapau restaurant 'Uni  Lis' in Pasar Tinggi. Come in the morning, side dish still fresh, because you just cooked. Warm white rice combined menus like jerky, colon eggs, eel, fried chicken and curry jengkol, so delicious.

Together with the local hangout spot: The area around the 'Jam Gadang’. The place is crowded with local residents, especially on Saturday night. Many street vendors of food and beverages that offer face painting.

Place hangout with friends: There are not many nightclubs in the ' Bukit Tinggi '. Chinese village that offers 'bandrek' (a kind of local drinks with exceptional sweetness) in the cold city could be an option.

The menu should be sampled: 'Sate Padang' in 'the market'. While there are many sellers 'satay padang' in 'High Hill', this place offers a large skewers with chunks of meat and a sauce that tastes different. Pas enjoyed with crackers extra skin. Traditional menus also must try the 'Pical sikai, a kind of' pecel 'typical Minang vegetables. After eating lots of local menus that contain meat and coconut milk, it's time fresh vegetables.

Best recreational activities: Tracing the rich history of the city. 'Bukit Tinggi' save important sites such as the birth of the first Vice President of Indonesia, Bung Hatta, as well as the caves of Japan, former defense bunker Nipon soldiers in the World War II.

The most romantic activity: Dinner at 'Family Restaurant Menteng' located in the hills. Guests can dine while watching views of the city from a height, complete with twinkling lights. Ayam-Pop at the famous restaurant will be delicious.

Survival tips: Learn a little discussed Minang to interact at a bargain item.

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