Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hell's Kitchen

Original Text by Amelia Mularaz, executive summary by darmansjah

Had controlled gang, is now expanding in contemporary classical alloys.

Fortunately, this area called Hell's Kitchen. It sounds less exciting, but still more mending than 'Battle Row, "" House of the blazes, "or" Death Avenue. "That's the popular names in the early 1900's when the gang Parlor Mob, Gorillas, and the Gophers controlled the streets and docks. This area stretches along 34th Street to 57th Street, adjacent to Eighth Avenue to the north and the Hudson River to the west. Prestige of the poor in the past as a place to change into the town troublemaker now Broadway star.

Theater District is a paradise for theater artists in Hell's Kitchen. Chad Kimball also feel at home here. The nominee tony Award (award for Broadway theater) for his role in the play-musical Memphis is living in Hell's Kitchen dive over a year. "The closer to the theater where I live. I'm even more rarely late to the theater, "said Kimball. "It seems I was right."

While off gig, Kimball likes to relax while drinking whiskey at On the Rocks and Druids are 'arty. The restaurant was formerly called tramstop Sunbrite Bar, where The Westies, a group of Irish thugs of the most powerful, often mingle at '70s era, until '80s. Now you can freely downing Long Island while watching the local art without fear in the 'collection' kingpin Eddie "The Butcher" Cummiskey. When you see the pig statue at the entrance to Rudy's Bar & Grill, immediately go and sit on the red sofa. Once you order a drink, the waiter will serve hot dogs for free of charge. No less exciting tropical and fruity rum drinks at the Reunion.

Prestige of Hell's Kitchen as the culinary tourist paradise more lasting fame than the thugs who had control of the region. Flown-restaurant row on 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue-and dine at Barbetta, Italian restaurant that has been around since 1906. Berbetta never be the set of the television series Mad Men fourth season between character Don Draper and Bethany. Laura Maioglio restaurant proudly claim his inheritance was used as a filming location. "Andy Warhol and Woody Allen also had to make a movie here, he said. "The scene in the movie The Departed also filmed here. But the impact is not as big as Mad Men that make our restaurants selling well. "

Before trigger satiety, a time to taste the typical dessert Hell's Kitchen is very tasty. Amy's Bread serves calorie-laden cake almond brioche and coconut dream bars. If stopping at the Cupcake Café can so you meet broadcaster Radio WNYC / WQXR David Garland being unwind after tracing Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Flea market is only open on weekends offers a variety of antique, from the chemical reaction tube to watch Dukes of Hazzard style.

If not it's time to stop in the flea market, foot step to store glassware antique Thrift & New Shoppe, which offers a variety of collections and arranged by color. Meet the shopkeeper, Minas Dimitriou, while not busy. He would be happy to invite you to drink wine. The goods in Domus is relatively new and no less interesting. This store owners around the world to find craft items, such as pillows from Peru or soaps from Afghanistan.

Besides shopping, Hell's Kitchen is also filled with giant building, such as the Port Authority Bus Terminal is touted largest in the U.S., as well as the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, where there are aircraft of World War II, weighing 270,000 tons floating near the docks of the Hudson River.

Still there was another surprise: the buildings attractive design masterpieces. Film Center building could have been overlooked given its entrance flanked Italian restaurant and crepe stall. But once stepped foot into the building, you'll understand why his lobby designed by Ely Jacques Kahn in 1928 touted the most beautiful works of art deco in this city.
Another building is no less enthralling standing at West 55th and 9th. Opened in 2005, the Joan Weill Center is the largest dance complex in the U.S., including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. While being here, there's no harm in dancing classes are open to the public, and who knows you're in the elevator with Hope Boykin. According to the legendary dancer, people in Hell's Kitchen mutually familiar with each other. Even subscription nail salon employees always greet you every time he stopped. "They know the schedule of my gig," he says, "and every time I came, they embraced welcomed me."-Amelia Mularz.

Around the Region

actual location of Le Parker Meridien (119 W.56th Street) is far to the east of Hell's Kitchen, but it's hard to resist the temptation Burger Joint is at the lobby. Unleash the curtain near the front desk and a peek at the back room where grilling burgers in the city's most delicious pampering tongue. Or, satisfy your thirst at the Knave, where you can sip a latte served laden art. Cocktails are not going to disappoint her, also you will be addicted to fried olives served for free.- by AM.

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