Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spring Flower Sakura in Japan

Explore the stunning beauty of the Japanese cherry blossom season! Enjoy the interesting sights of the city are covered flowers that become the symbol of the State of Japan Sakura flower! Feel all the nuances that exist in Japan from Tokyo were clean and neat to Osaka soothing.

In Tokyo felt the grandeur of a city, by walking into the imperial palace, in the center of Tokyo. Imperial Palace is the residence of the emperor and empress of Japan. The Niju-bashi is a beautiful bridge that spans the length that is located near Tokyo station. In the east garden stands a stone wall where the first Samurai has been stored for centuries. Many people are very happy to see the cherry blossoms in the park. On the north side, Kitanomaru Park offers a wonderful view cherry blossoms. There is also the Nippon Budokan, is a famous concert hall, where the performances of foreign artists, and also some great museums historic.

In Shizuoka, you can enjoy the best place to see the beauty that is displayed by Mount Fuji, the highest mountain, the most beautiful and famous in Japan. There are five lakes around Mt fuji. One of these lakes Kawaguchi, a perfect place to take a spectacular view of the mountain fuji. Beautiful scenery on the slopes of the mountain fuji, a life experience that will not be forgotten and will continue to exist in the memories, like those of you who visit Japan.

In Osaka, precisely in Shinsaibashi, you can get a shopping experience that is unique and interesting. It is the biggest shopping area in Osaka where many boutiques and specialty shops are provided to attract local and foreign tourists. There are some Victorian roads that has a village atmosphere in Europe and America. After touring Shinsaibashi, enjoy delicious food famous shops and restaurants around this area.

And who had to try when you are in Osaka, is Takoyaki, octopus dumplings are crisp and spicy on the outside and soft inside, giving the cake texture with unique flavors and crisp.

Okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) is a dish made ​​from which materials such as mixing sliced ​​squid, shrimp, and beef, cabbage and flour into the prepared baking paste with a flat iron grill. Try to eat through a piece of piping hot straight from the grill okonomiyaki with 'kote', an okonomiyaki spatula. Try this method. Make sure you are careful not to burn your mouth!

Discover Japan with history, tradition, nature and beauty! So let us get lost!

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