Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spring in South Korea

Executive summary by darmansjah

Lately South Korea more widely heard. Not only the world of singing and acting, many electronic products labeled Made in Korea coming into the market to make the Indonesian people becoming familiar with Korean Affairs.

Behind advances in technology and entertainment are shown Korean recently graced the screen, one of the tourist potential in eastern Asian countries are quite interesting and deserve to be the antidote to boredom for all routines. Landscape, diversity of art and culture, to an inviting play area fun family worth a try and felt.

Venturing excursions can be started with a visit to Seoul, capital of South Korea. In one of the largest cities in South Korea, visitors can feel the fresh air in the city and the surrounding environment, yet the convenient transportation system and easily accessible. Seoul Metro, a subway that was one of the mainstay of the local transport feasible perceived sensation.

Everland region which has a line of beauty certainly should not be overlooked. There are colorful flowers, museums and playgrounds that can bring excitement during the tour. Nami Island is used as the location to enjoy the beauty of nature is worth a visit.

Uncover other beauty in South Korea, Mount Seorak also not less interesting. Lots of treats that can be enjoyed on the mountain which is located in Gangwon Province, among them Teddy Bear Monument located at the entrance to the national park, the giant Buddha statues, Biryong waterfalls and Sinheungsa  temple. Browse and enjoy the tourist spots while adding insight into the nature and culture of South Korea.

Vacationing in the spring will give an incredible sensation. Because, in the spring, the flowers are blooming with various beauty plants. Cherry blossom with a dazzling bright colors, coupled with the cool air around, Seoul invite tourists to come close to him. Early March and April were greeted with flower beds will be more festive thanks to the flower festival held in various places. World's leading provider of information traveling: TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com ready to provide interesting information and complete take you enjoy the beautiful colors of flowers and other attractions, of course, you also have to pack giving yourself a chance to quickly get lost in the cool bed of flowers!

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  1. flowers and other attractions, of course, you also have to pack giving yourself a chance to quickly get lost in the cool bed of flowers..berry plants