Sunday, July 28, 2013


Gili Terawangan, Soothing Charm

SKY blue with white clouds into the background nicely when collaborating with a clear stretch of coastal water in sight. The warmth was felt when the foot touches the white sand grains directly exposed to the sun. This is the perfect landscape that is often found in television, as elements of decoration of films across the country. However, you need not envy because Indonesia has Gili Trawangan that can captivate anyone's heart sublime both local and foreign. Therefore, do not be surprised if one day see a lot of foreign tourists sunbathe along the coast, and the contamination that accompanies human negligence Indonesia, which can never be disciplined to keep the environment clean beaches.

Gili Trawangan is the largest island than the 'Gili Meno' and 'Gili Air'. Although co-located in the northwest of Lombok, the three gili characterized each. Trawangan is the island tend to be more crowded because often organizes entertainment events at a time when the holiday season making it perfect for travelers who are young at heart.

"Back then, we started the journey from Mataram to arrive in Port Ward with long travel about two hours," said Albertus new saju end short vacation in Lombok last February. Long travel time will not be tiring for her landscapes beautifully presented placate along the way.

Arriving at the Port Bangsai ', travelers can use the boat transportation capacity of 30 people to cross over to Gili Terawangan with tariff US $ 2.00 per person. You will be on the road for 30 minutes while enjoying the wind and the sound waves are calm.

Activities which are often a favorite when exploring Trawangan is scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing. Another option is to relax on the porch of the hotel, cafes, and restaurants are arranged uniquely. Enjoy the charm of an unspoilt beach, crystal clear from a distance it can give the sensation of serenity itself.

Treat the visual beauty is also supported by the air pollution-free because there is no passing vehicles. Bicycles and horse-drawn carriage (wagon type) is a mode of transportation that you can use to surround parts Giri Trawangan Island.

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