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Dancing with Pain Indonesia

Dancing with Pain Indonesia
Dance step, which is the translation of line dancing, is a long held tradition of many countries. Dance that involves a lot of people are laid out with rows or circular formations in the past because men and women were barred from touching.

Dance step and then growing rapidly in the United States. As the times, dance step has a wide variety of movements, such as country-dance, hip hop dance, Michael Jakcson dance, movement or variation that is absorbed from the elements of ballroom dancing (waltz, tango, salsa, etc.).

Although adapting the dance steps from abroad, ILDI determined to lift the local culture of Indonesia. They created the choreography for Indonesia's traditional songs, like "Alusiau". So, be a footstep style waltz, cha cha, rumba or the "flavor" of Indonesia.

"The song 'Honey and Poison' which was very famous already created choreography by Singaporeans. Now if people say dance Honey poison him was from Singapore, "said Kootje Wattimena who became a senior instructor at ILDI.

When first developed a dance step, Kootje got a lot of challenges. This dance is, by some, considered not classy because it was considered too easy to do and do not have a "style". In fact, complicated or simply a dance, according Kootje, depending on the choreography.

Train memories

Many of the perceived benefits ILDI member of the dance step dance. At the dance in pairs, people usually stop dancing when it does not have a partner because they feel uncomfortable too if the need to embrace to embrace others who are not spouses.

When it was learned the dance steps, dance activities can still be done even without a partner. With dancing, the body's health is maintained.

Lin himself felt his body always fit because she dances a week at least 2-3 times. Lin, who has two children and four grandchildren, feels his stamina is also more powerful because it is often dancing.

Step dancing is believed to prevent dementia, especially in those whose age was already middle-aged. "At practice we've got to remember the sequence of movements. So, our brains are always honed, "said Kootje who once coached the dance steps for cardiac patients.

Because this dance step in the category low impact sport, ILDI kept trying to invite as many people as possible to dance. They held some workshops if there are 6-8 new choreography is learned and intends to spread the style of line dancing ILDI via youtube.

Line dancing popular in Indonesia also started young. Usually, however, the movement created more and more complicated variations.

Kootje itself creates choreography dance steps with a variety of styles in order to be accepted by the upper middle class who are usually first to pursue ballroom dancing. He, for example, combines dance steps with a circular motion, called a spiral. In the eyes Kootje, those who already pursue ballroom dancing usually have a better body language when you're dancing. (IND

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