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Through Tourism Mailing List

Meet fellow enthusiast Travel
By Indira Permanasari, executive summary by Darmansjah

The atmosphere at Cafe complex  Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, lively and crowded. Saturday afternoon in mid-March, about 60 people engrossed in listening to the explanation of four speakers. Toton suhartanto, Joi Surya Dharma, Ika Wulandari, Caroline and share the experience of traveling to Europe, Turkey, and Britain. Euphoria question contradict the meeting.

Backpacker community meeting hosted the World's held once a month usually on alternate locations, such as Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Members who attended came from diverse educational background, occupation, and age. One who brings together, around the world desire to see new things.

Backpacker world is a virtual community mailing list at Yahoo Groups mailing list aliases are occasionally held a "meeting ground" for members to share experiences. The meeting was one way of strengthening the solidarity among the "geeks streets" because the speakers are usually members of the same mailing list. In fact, the first time abroad can be con-speak. "If there's a new home must have mugged traveling stories, deh," said Sally Satriana (36), list members who have also been asked to become speaker. The community also has a blog, Twitter, and Facebook with about 5,000 members.

In the mailing list, members can share experiences backpacking outside Indonesia. Backpacking does not have to walk by carrying a backpack on his back. By the community, the term was interpreted as a journey that is set independently. Mailing helped provide information that a person can travel independently.

In virtual communities Backpacker Duna, members share information ranging from hunting tickets, make travel route, taking care of travel documentation, accommodation, transportation, cultural place to visit. Since its establishment in September 209, the mailing list already has 728 people.

Another mailing list that had already been present, Indobackpacker at Yahoo Groups, has embraced the 14 113 members since forming in September 2004. appropriate instruction in these mailing lists, virtual community that is intended for fans of the roads to places exotic, nature lovers, and those who want to exchange information about the location of the adventure stories of travels anywhere in style backpacker. A number of other mailing lists are active and can be a source of information is Ibackpacker, nattrek, and Nakedtraveller at Yahoo Groups.

Seli satriana, for example, joined with three mailing lists streets, namely the World Backpacker, Ibackpacker, and Indobackpacker. Through these friendships, he got many details. "From what the cab fare, what to eat, where to stay, what kind of people in places we visit, until the tips get the visa can be asked of members of other mailing lists," he said.

Join the mailing list again that makes up the courage to get out of work that has been off for four years and went for a walk to the 13 European countries during the three months to March 2009.

Join the virtual travel community is also one way Erwinsyah (34) to get fancy way of taking care of his own journey. "We can get the information in accordance with our conditions, especially what may and may not be related to the trip," said the man who had been around the countries of Southeast Asia, India, China, and Macau's.

Travel companions can also be obtained from the various associations are, "Who knew there was a schedule of streets and the same goal, so get together," said Erwin.

Now, more easily find friends stroll from the race a variety of airlines offer fares italics.

"If the first person thinkers ticket prices, now living hunting ticket promo. Dreams of walking more can be realized, including abroad, especially to Southeast Asia that visa-free so no need to take care of all sorts of documents, "he said. Traveling to enjoy life was not that difficult anymore.

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