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Solvang: Danish A Small Village in Santa Barbara, California

Original Text By Christie Damayanti, executive summary by Darmansjah

I'm traveling with my family, Los Angeles to San Francisco, passing a 'village' Solang, like in Denmark in Europe. Several times I come here, but first-time 'exploring' Solvang. And my choice was not missed. Solvang is a small town / village that is populated communities is from Denmark and is very romantic ... ..
Its history is long, but who makes me very interested in the architecture, I think an architect and I am very interested in European architecture (classical).

Solvang is a city in Santa Barbara, Califonia. The population is approximately 5000 people. Although only a 'village' and was established as a city on May 1, 1985, Solvang was able to attract visitors to witness the natural life and tradisitonal Denmark. Solvang is also serving food and trinkets Denmark.
Typical Danish Bakery: Hmmmmm ... ... .. yummyyyyy ... ... everything is good ... ..

Solvang was founded in 1911 at nearly 9,000 acres (3600 hectares) of Mexican land grant, by a group of Danes who traveled west to establish a Danish colony far from the midwestern winter. This city is home to several bakeries, restaurants, and merchants offering a taste Denmark in California.

The architecture of many facades and buildings reflect the traditional Danish style. There is a copy of the famous Little Mermaid (Mermaid) statue from Copenhagen, as well as one featuring a statue of the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen fable. A replica of the Copenhagen Round Tower in scale 1: 1, completed in 1991 and can be seen in the city center.

Initially, most of the buildings built in the style of Solvang is the same as everyone else in the area. Lutheran Church was the first to be based on Danish architecture and bears a close relationship with the equivalent of Denmark.

Moments later, Earl Petersen, a local architect, old buildings give a new look, add a facade in the so-called Danish province of "style". Half-timber buildings in the style of rural homes Denmark proliferate, creating a new tourist attraction.

Details are really thinking, though only the design of local architects
While much was done to create an "authentic" atmosphere of Denmark in the downtown, has been shown by Scandinavian false thatched roof made ​​of wood
and mostly a result of local interests in general rather than the Danish immigrants themselves. Old buildings that have been restyled to look even if there is no Danish Danish about them initially.

Thanks to the Danish lifestyle and architecture, Solvang has become a major tourist attraction in California with more than one million visitors a year.

Since 1936, the city has scheduled a Danish Days festival, now held on the third week of September. Travellers are attracted by Prince Frederik's visit to the village in 1939. But it was in 1947, following a feature article in the Saturday Evening Post, that they began to flock to the city.

In particular, visitors today appreciate the Danish windmills, statues of Hans Christian Andersen and the Little Mermaid, in a half-timber houses, Danish village church, the Round Tower and the Danish music and folk dances.

In addition, several restaurants and a patisserie serving specialty Denmark. Partly as a result of the movie 'Sideways' in 2004 which emphasizes the quality of wines from Santa Ynez Valley, the number of wine bars and shops in Solvang has increased pretty, attractive oenophiles to the downtown area as well.

Hotels in Solvang also reflects the buildings and interiors Denmark. Although not using the goods 'modern', precisely therein lies the 'expertise' drafter of this city. Travelers are invited to take in the atmosphere of Denmark real reply. The interior is actually making us in awe ...

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