Sunday, September 18, 2011

Muslim Tour Pakages

Muslim tour packages

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Chinese Xinjiang Moslem Dance Show

Competition for tourist or business tours no reflux. Typically, the incentive to do the "war" fare, ranging from aircraft, ships, places to stay, to visit various packages. Later a tour package that takes the theme of the religion of Islam began to travel a lot to offer. There are packages to South Korea by visiting the mosque, mushala, and the typical kosher cuisine of Korea. A number of mosques in Paju, Bupyeong, Anyang, Ansan, Jeonju, Gwangju, and Busan are often visited by foreign tourists. While visiting, the guide also explains the history of Islam in the country ginseng. In China, there are also tours Beijing China-Muslim alike. Tourists and prayed in the mosque Midian, Niujie, or Changping. And other places that have "worldwide", such as a summer palace or a giant wall of China (the Great Wall). Was coupled with a visit to a drug factory, shopping in markets Yashow / Yaxiu, roast duck dinner, plus Chinese Xinjiang Moslem Dance Show. Attention:

 in Paju
mosques in Bupyeong

mosques in Anyang

mosques in  Ansan

mosques in Jeonju

mosques in Gwangju

mosques in Busan

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