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Travel Around Moskwa

Eight Century Changes in Moscow
By Iwan Santosa, executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali
Moscow in the summer of June 2011. Russia's capital city, founded in 1147 it was so beautiful. Regions gold ring, confident about the Kremlin-Red Square in Moscow river, became a magnet for tourists from around the world.
the Kremlin-Red Square in Moscow

When newly arrived at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, late afternoon, I was with a journalist malaysia have time left about seven hours before the sky went dark at around 23:00 local time. Capitalized a few words of Russian language, we decided to go into the red field with riding the subway called the Metro.

Arriving at the metro station vdnkh (pronounced vedenkha) near the museum of aeronautics, where the exhibition of 50 years Yuri Gagarin's mission takes place, directly facing difficulties. Ticket vending machines only in the service presents a different letter cirillic with latin alphabet.

After asking several young people, we choose the round-trip ticket costs 56 rubles (about Usd 2) from vdnkh to Okhotny Ryad station, the nearest place to the red field and the adjacent Kremlin.

Less than twenty minutes, the trip from Moscow Metro vdnkh to Okhotny Ryad. Moscow subway, which began operations in the 1930s, serving 12 million urban population and each year carrying 3.3 billion passengers a smart solution for densely populated cities.

We both headed one of the station exit okhotny metropolitan stations. Again and again lost. However, luckily we walked into one of the majors to the front of the building Belshoi Theater (literally meaning big theaters), the ballet Snow Lake's famous staged. Unfortunately, the current Bolshoi Theater is being renovated.


Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow which was built in the 1950s is a twin of Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, which was built with the help of UniSoviet in the early 1960's

Lubjanka building is the headquarters of the intelligence files of the Soviet Union, the dreaded KGB. Now, the building became one of the iconic attractions and still serves as the intelligence agency's office of the Russian Federation, FSB 

We walked down the street Tverkaya-style boulevard in Moscow-up in the corner looks red buildings. That's Kremlin and Red Square in Krasnoyarsk Ploschad.

We rushed through Revolution Square-warning-the Bolshevik Revolution and came down the tunnel crossing in front of Red Square. Visible red gate rebuilt mid-1990s after Glasnot and perestroika proclaimed by President Mikhail Gorbached.

Adjacent to the gate of the building seemingly all-red, that's Museum of National History. While in front of the museum looks a statue of a general on horseback as a memorial to World War II (a Russian call it a patriotic war). General Zhukov was Giorgi who defeated German troops and control of Berlin in May 1945.

Zhukov sebetunya indirectly helped trigger the Japanese invasion of Southeast Asia. What article? In September 1939, Zhukov defeated the Nippon army on the border of Mongolia. Jepanga who launched the aggression and to expand the territory seized Manchuria after Zhukov destroyed. Japan then switch targets expansion into Southeast Asia and the Pacific War Break!

Entering a red field, we watched the Church of Our Lady of Kazan. The church was also rebuilt the mid-1990s. We are in the middle-Kremlin fortress complex in the Russian language literally means the castle-which became the forerunner of the Russian nation became independent in the 1400s until the 1500s that had been under the rule of khan in Kazan and the Polish people.


Saint Basil's Church which was built in the 16th century became one of the landmarks in Red Square (Kransnoyarsk Ploschad) in central Moscow. Travelers always took time to pose on the Red Square's iconic Russian tour

Moscow tourists and residents enjoying the fountain in one corner of the Kremlin. Residents threw pennies into the fountain with the express purpose of good and profit. (Fig).

Right on Red jujung field looks colorful domed building once known in Indonesia in the computer game Tetris, St. Basil's Church. There are four directions of the compass. The church was designed an Italian architect.

One Landmark in Red Square is the Lenin Mosoleum which unfortunately was closed because there is a performing arts preparation that puts a stage near Mr. Communist World.


 GUM shopping complex

Another place worth visiting is the GUM shopping complex that extends across Mosoleum Lenin. This place is a state official shops in the communist era. Not far from there there is an underground mall that connects to the metro station.

Still in the same region, there is a memorial wall World War II, the eternal flame, and writing in akasar Cirili who noted a number of bloody battles locations, such as Tula and Sebastopol. Seemingly three soldiers guard locations, such as Guardsman who guard Buckingham Palace in London.

Night was approaching. A number of Russian young people mingling and spending a beautiful summer evening.
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