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Enjoy The Season In The State Four Seasons

Enjoy the season in the State four seasons

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In March and April is arguably the most exciting season to holiday in the State four seasons. The atmosphere is very pleasant because it is the turn from winter to spring. You can imagine how beautiful when the flowers begin to bloom and spread the scent of a fragrance.

With so many
vacation destinations that exist, the Netherlands is one of the State to which many people were targeted. Especially if the goal is not to see the Tulip Festival which is legendary.

Keukenhof flower garden in the Netherlands each year is visited by about 800,000 tourists worldwide every year just to witness the beauty of tulips in various Tulip Festival held each year.

Keukenhof  Gardens

Keukenhof (which in Dutch means kitchen garden) is a flower garden located in Lisse, the Netherlands and is the world's largest flower garden, exactly in the town of Lisse and is 35 minutes drive from the center of Amsterdam. According to the official website of the Keukenhof garden, there are seven million flowersplanted in the park once a year.


Besides the Netherlands, Japan also became a tourist destination that often hunted man.Understand it, Sakura is always identified with the State central Japan bloom and emit its charm when haru (spring).

Day blooming cherry blossoms vary in each region. Cherry blossoms bloom the first time in Okinawa, namely in mid-January. In Kyushu the cherry blossoms bloom in late March, while the cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo in early April. In Hokkaido cherry blossoms bloom in May. This flowering of cherry blossoms signify the coming haru (spring) and coincide with the new school year and the acceptance of new employees.

 arrashiyama haru

At almost the cherry blossom relations, on TV there is the preaching of the estimates when the cherry blossoms bud and bloom (mankai). Day blooming cherry blossoms are very eagerly awaited by the Japanese. Usually on the day of blooming cherry blossoms and people gather to party under the cherry tree, sing or talk while enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms, the event was called ohanami.

ohanami at maruyama park

If you're curious about the beauty of the season in the State four seasons, immediately visit the site where the Internet-which provide detailed information about the beautiful change of seasons, such as site  or,  before you pack up and across the continent to immediately release the tired moral imagination with a new sail, immediately leave the fatigue to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere season in parts of the world is so orderly and disciplined more clean, and comfortable and safe. [HDG]

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