Monday, September 19, 2011

Odaiba, A piece of the story of Sakura

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Tokyo became one of the major cities in the world, certainly a thing that is undeniable. Popular styles of dress not only because young people are eccentric, the city is also known because of the crowded train station, "wait on" the activities of people are busy.

For travelers, there are few places in Tokyo that can be visited, one of Odaiba.

In contrast to other areas in Tokyo, Odaiba relatively more quiet, but it does not reduce the appeal of the area located in this Tokyo bay. From its origin only, Odaiba is an artificial island built in the Edo period (1603-1868) and is intended as a place to survive an enemy attack from the sea. Natural that the name is taken from the word "daiba" which means "fortress".

Odaiba development as one of the central business district in Tokyo in the beginning decades ago. Now, Odaiba which is connected to downtown Tokyo Rainbow Bridge was one point that can be targeted for tourists because some objects that are there.

In addition to the Fuji Television building, prominent television stations in Japan, which became one of the landmarks Odaiba, there are few other places that can be addressed such as Odaiba Deck, a shopping center with stores that sell a variety of boutiques, goods, cafes, restaurants, and exciting game center for tested.

What distinguishes it is a bit of shopping around here, visitors can get a few points that offer charming views of Rainbow Bridge.

While for those who want to pamper baby, there's 115-meter-high Ferris wheel that offers not only exciting experience, but also views of Odaiba and Tokyo from a height.

Some international-class hotel is there anything to choose from, not just to provide comfort, but offer a memorable experience.

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