Monday, September 26, 2011

Maritime Forest Tour: Between Bali, Labutaone and the Island Day

Protected Forest Areas Labutaone

The beauty of tropical forests and marine tourism in the country clearly unmatched Emerald equator if managed eco-friendly friendly with nature. There are thousands of tourist sites and the maritime forest that can be visited in this country, which obviously is not (only) in Bali.

Indonesia should be proud to have Bali tour with a strong tradition of cultural and tourist puller world. But the Balinese seem to have lost its natural beauty. Environmental pollution threatens Bali with many protected forests, coastal and marine tourism industry exploited the unbridled and managed not eco-friendly.

Info from Tempo interactive as being one of six tourist locations such as Bali's flagship beach of Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Tanjung Benoa  and the Canggu beaches have been polluted. According to environmental researchers at Udayana University, I Ketut Sudra, the most severe pollution occurs in areas of Kuta beach that the sea contains bacteria E. coli is high enough. The area was also contaminated with hazardous materials and toxic (B3). A homework is heavy enough to maintain the beauty of Bali tourism from pollution.

Let's forget for a moment of Bali tourism. There are still many tourist sites can be developed across the archipelago. One is the beauty of the protected forest areas in the coastal and marine tourism Labutaone and Hari Island . Two major tourist sites were located in the bay outside Kendari that can not be accessed from the ground. The absence of access road to the site to be exactly the main attraction. Travelers can enjoy the beauty of mangrove forests in the peninsula, sea grass gardens and protected forest along the ocean. Chasing the waves rolling waves and gusts of breeze add to the enjoyment during the journey across the sea 1-2 hours from the city of Kendari.

Travel to the location can be reached by boat outboard engine hanging 15 or 40 hp of Kendari Bay. There are several outboard boats that can be rented as tracking of the Ocean, Whitewater Ocean and Reuters to rent IDR400-500 thousand during the 8-12 hour trip. Gasoline and helmsman bear right at once a tour guide boat owners who have a payload capacity of 1 ton or a maximum of 10 people. It was quite cheap if rent is paid with friends or family when traveling.

Whitewater Ocean outboard boat ready to take tourists to enjoy the trip marine forests

Tourists can enjoy a half day tour of protected forests and Island Day Labutaone that has beautiful white sandy beaches. For tourists who like Scuba Diving and Snorkling, the beauty of marine parks around the uninhabited island's Day certainly gives the impression of its own.

Seas around the "Pulau Hari" which extends to protected forest areas have Labutaone biodiversity of marine life is beautiful. Ornamental fish nemo who danced behind the colorful coral reefs into the ocean floor common woods. If you're lucky, tourists can also enjoy the hundreds of flying fish that leap collided running quickly with the predators and the leatherback turtle that pops to the surface of pristine blue sea.

'Hari Island ', tourist sites in the outer bay maritime forest Kendari

Travellers can enjoy the hobby of fishing mania with stick rod and reel in the region Saponda Island which is located not far from the island's Day. Fishing location between the island's Day Saponda and many fish. Types of fish screens (sailfish) are easy to obtain in Saponda anglers. Sailfish 36 hours after laying her eggs then hatch instantly. Saponda water areas - pristine Island Day became the breed of fish screens. For beginner anglers, it could try to provoke the rabbitfish seen roaming freely around the garden of seaweed. Thousands point cottonii seaweed tied and lined up neatly on a string landscape.

Saponda Island and surrounding areas where fishing sailfish hunting mania

Come on waiting. Walk to the corners of this beautiful country. Enjoy the beauty of the forest in the middle and bottom of the ocean area Labutaone - Island Day is no longer easily found in Bali. Hopefully this maritime forest tourism continues to grow and make friends with nature.

Fish screens from the island Saponda

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