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Europe Vacation Guide

Trips to the continent of Europe by Darmansjah

In the eyes of Indonesia, the euro may be the favorite spot for day trips. Not just to come to a place that had only seen on television or to see the progress and modernization of industry, infrastructure, economy, technology, culture and systems of good governance on the continent, a visit to Europe is also attractive because the value of history, there are some places which is considered sacred and are well maintained and clean, and of course shopping branded goods at affordable prices.

Travel bureaus did not want to lose action, various tour packages to Europe prepared to provide a memorable vacation experience and learning will be loaded with sense of order and discipline are not owned by the Indonesian people both from the elite of government and private individuals Indonesia are still being not This country belongs to who cares? Behavior patterns can be seen from them on the street who never disciplined, rejoice with impurities created by individuals with a throw garbage into the street or down the river with arbitrarily.


Europe is still a favorite, and for his departure later on March-April pad being spring, there was all flowers and plants blooming and looking good. Therefore, a special tour of Europe, there is one city in Lisse that there used to be held tulips Keukenhof flower show.


Keukenhof flower exhibition is touted as the largest flower show which is routinely held every year. Its beauty was already successfully attracted tourists since it was first held in 1949.

Keukenhof means "kitchen garden" in Dutch is a name taken Darni name Jacoba Van Beiren garden plants a garden with various plants for cooking.

Keukenhof has an area of ​​32 hectares and planted no less than seven million flower seeds as well as averaged over 44 million visitors annually.

Each year the committee took a different theme. The theme in 2011 was Germany that later there will be a series of tulips in the form of Bradenburg Gate, the most famous gate in Berlin. Traveling in these months is also appropriate because the temperature is not too cold nor too hot, around 15-20 degrees.

Bradenburg Gate

Besides Dutch, travel package of 14 days in Western Europe-including Britain-tour of the bureau has some added value. Call it a daily hot breakfast and the journey from Paris to London using the Eurostar, fast train that connects these two countries.

Monaco royal Palace from the distance

Eurostar include porters, baggage will be dropped in one place, travelers only go up and sit down and just bring hand carry, and will take in London. That's called a porter service.


Another added value is offered, tour participants can view the location and the British royal collection of jewelry at Jewelry Room at the Tower of London. Madam Tussaud also included in the travel package valued to 2,400 USD.

Many options

There are still be some travel agency or other travel agencies that offer tour packages or the European tour. Of course with the added value and appeal of its own.

Nice Beach

As wonderful Europe, among others, will bring tourists to Zurich, Lucerne, Venice, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Lourdes, and Paris.


From Lourdes to Paris that tourists can use the TGV train, fast train to save time.


Travel in the package will then end up in the Netherlands, which here than to see the relationship kuekenhof exhibition, tour participants will be invited to further recognize the city of Amsterdam with a visit to Windmolen (windmill giants of the most famous in the Netherlands), Dam Square is the center and the origins of urban development of Amsterdam, as well as the Royal Palace which used to be a place to live queen Beatrix and is now used as guest quarters of the State.

the Royal Palace in Netherlands

Dam Square

For those who are first time to Europe, usually Holland, Italy, France, and Switzerland. Then the second visit will be to Eastern Europe to Berlin and Munich, and a third to Spain, Barcelona and Madrid.





Currently Spain is also one of the goals was popular and much visited. Not only because of its place, but especially for tourists who hooked shopping, this could be a matador State surges spending because the price is affordable.

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