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Enjoy Denpasar, Bali Familiarizing

Enjoy Denpasar, Bali Familiarizing 

Original nartation By Mas Mpep, executive summary by darmansjah

Before the chance to set foot on the island of the gods, I still think there is only one tourist destination city's most convenient for me, namely Yogyakarta. But shortly after I crossed the Port Gilimanuk, my view changed. When the city of Yogyakarta is the cultural nuances of classic treats, culinary, and civilization of Java in the tradition of centuries, the exotic landscape of Bali offers Bali despite a growing in culture, Hindu philosophy that animates life, and culinary, of course.

Therefore an assignment, I had the opportunity to Bali. I provided airfare, accommodation and local transport. Opportunity to Visit Bali I do not think will be repeated twice, because the issue of cost and time that is not affordable for me. Because it's two weeks before leaving I bought a guidebook-cultural tourism wherever possible; map, and find out at friends who've been to this island of the gods. After the count I decided to invite his wife. Consequently I chose to use a landline, reducing the budget hotels, accommodation and save. Be Our backpacker, but I just feel fortunate for it.

 suluban beach

Really fun road trip. Moreover, we were riding the bus that contains only seats for 24 passengers, was quite relieved. I'm also obsessed to enjoy the scenery along the way, especially after Surabaya to Banyuwangi trip. 

 uluwatu temple

Just be advised, by far the most eastern city that I visited the new Surabaya. But my expectations not happen. I quickly took a night bus, which departs dusk and arrive in Bali early in the morning. Practical view of the Surabaya-Banyuwangi I can not enjoy because of the dark night, so I chose to sleep soundly.

uluwatu beach

 Dawn on the horizon. Reddish tinge visible in the east. Understandably, I've been on the Ferry that we take across from the Port of Ketapang to Gilimanuk. From friends who never been to Bali I know when Ketapang-Gilimanuk can be seen from each of the land, so that when we throw a stone from Banyuwangi slingshot catapult that we can get in Bali. At first I could not believe it, surely it's just hyperbole habits of our people. But I was wrong. Because Ketapang-Gilimanuk like across the lake alone. Just 30 minutes away.

 sunset at suluban beach

Entering Bali Jembrana region we will be down. Shortly after landing I have to admit that Bali is truly the island of gods. Along the way the houses neat. Fences ornate temple. 

 Each house has Sanggha, where the family worship. From a Hindu friend who I knew when Hindus attach importance Sanggha his home rather than beforehand. No wonder when I got Sanggha magnificent, carved with motifs typical Balinese ropes, but right next to the houses we find the unassuming owners. Some Sanggha looks exotic with Meru, a similar building of small temples called palm fiber composite of three. Part of Meru be  wrapped white cloth. Others add a flowering tree Bali Cambodia pure white with five petals to the seven strands. Adding exotic Sanggha. And Bali.

Travel guide books that I bought is quite complete. Especially cultural tourism. Arriving in Denpasar, we headed to Hotel Pamecutan. Pamecutan is one of three castles built the federation into the Kingdom of Badung, besides Puri Denpasar and one more that I forget to castle: Castle Kesiman. Pamecutan Castle is managed by the family castle into a hotel. 

The price was cheap. Starting from Idr. 100 thousand last night. But unfortunately, when we came Pamecutan Castle is being renovated so we just stay at Hotel Intan Sari Puri Pamecutan right in front. Our hotel was interesting, that is not historically valuable, regular construction of modern buildings. But the Hotel Intan Sari complete count. Rent is the same, Idr. 100 thousand last night.

I was lucky to stay right in the heart of Denpasar. Denpasar city that was not too crowded-crowded Bali concentrated along the Kuta-Legian-Seminyak which has been legendary. No street vendors in Denpasar. No beggars. No singers. Despite the narrow sidewalks clean. The streets were narrow in Denpasar. Rarely are four rows. Heavy traffic, but the pollution has not been a problem. In short Denpasar city clean, not like Jogja is becoming more and more 'capitalist'.

From Numbers Pamecutan me enough to walk 300 meters towards the Badung Market. Parent Bali market. On this island, every village has a village temple, which is managed Indigenous Village or a Village Pakraman according to Balinese language. So that everywhere there are temples. Approximately 100 meters from the Market Pamecutan Badung we can stop for a moment at Temple Maospahit, Bali's first temples built by the Majapahit royal fugitives who refuse Islamicised Demak. But unfortunately, we must not enter the temple area.

Right in front of Pasar Badung there is a temple, a new building. Across the road there is again an ancient temple, unfortunately I forgot his name. Walk a little farther to the west we will find the Office of the Mayor of Denpasar, Udayana Regional Military Command, and Field Puputan Badung. On the field there Jaganatha Temple, the biggest temple in Denpasar, Bali Museum and right next to them.

Puputan Badung field has its own story. In the open field, 102 years ago Raja Puri Badung, Raja Puri Raja Puri Pamecutan and (?): Kesiman do bellows, fight to death. No less than 3600 people including relatives of the castle and pregnant women and children do the bellows, and fall. World reacts, remembering not Puputan Badung battle with rehearsal event of war, ambush, or a frontal assault. Puputan Badung is a 'demonstration' relatives Kingdom of Badung, armed with kris and spears against guns and cannons. Royal family go hand in hand, and without constraint means Marsose with the mass shooting at 'unarmed'. After a visit to Bali I was more interested in the history of Bali, with puputannya. At least there are three bellows are legendary: Puputan Buleleng dikomando Patih Ketut Jelantik, Puputan Badung, and led by Lieutenant Colonel Puputan Margarana Ngurah Rai in 1947.

Being a backpacker in Bali starting difficult, compared to Yogyakarta, for example. Mobility can only be done by taxi, travel or bemo (public transportation). No city buses. That there is no meter taxis, and expensive. Only in Bali I found public transportation (bemo) with expensive rates: Idr. 6 thousand. Double the average rate of public transportation in the country. To go to a tourist attraction, from Denpasar to Ubud for example, which is only 30 km away, we must rise three times bemo. Not practical, and the fall of expensive, especially when we fall into the hands of scalpers. From Denpasar to Kuta which is only 10 km, we must rise bemo twice. In Denpasar course there are six terminals.

Because of that wise choices are: increased travel. Various kinds of car provided. From a cost L300 starting from Rp. 2o0-five thousand per hour, or the most expensive, up to Kijang Innova rate Idr. 750 thousand per five hours. Rates are calculated per five-hour travel, per seven-hour, per ten-hour and per twelve hours. O, yes, we travel with a hired driver at the same time has got the qualification guide. Travel has been providing a combination of tour packages, or a combination of our own choosing. They generally have to know the places to visit. In addition to travel there a cheaper mode of transport: motorbike rental. Motorcycle rented for 24 hours, and the charge is only Idr. 50 thousand. But for those of us who do not master the field, riding a motorcycle is more difficult.

About food is also not easy, mainly looking for a halal. Although Bali promises a tantalizing culinary tours, I counted carefully. The Balinese have to know where the food is halal for Muslims, but their view of kehalalalan not limited to pigs, not including how the process of slaughtering the syar'i according to Islam. The safest way: Come to the Restaurant Padang. If bored, find Warung-Warung (Sate) Madurese. I'm sorry could not much taste the culinary riches of Bali. Even just eating rice-rice Jinggo cats in Solo-I was thinking, and ultimately did not.

I have three days in Bali. The first day I used to drive around town on foot. To Badung Market. Puputan Badung field. Then to the Museum of Bali. The second day I rented for 10 hours of travel, towards Lake Bratan-Ubud-Tanah Lot.

Because I travel hire, before I had the opportunity to Ubud stop in a village (Sukawati) watch the Barong Dance performances. In this village no less than five Barong Dance groups perform each day at 09.30 for an hour, and the Kecak Dance at 18.00 as well for an hour. This village is a tourist destination tourists first before proceeding to another destination. Adjusted so that the time performances. Performances at 09.30 for example, allows travelers from leaving Denpasar at 08.00. Perhaps stopping at the silver centers. New watch the dance.

After treat Barong, I drove to Ubud. Ubud is a place of residence a number of famous artists, mainly from Spain such as Bonnet and Blanco. They include the early popularization of tourism in Bali. In Ubud I had the opportunity visited Puri Ubud, Monkey Forest across the Main Street-like Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta. Botanic Garden Ubud peek of the car that runs slowly because the roads are narrow. Then slid into Lake Bratan in Bedugul. Bedugul in height. Lake Bratan is Bali's second largest lake after lake on Mount Agung. 

Lake Bratan always shrouded in mist. Exotic, especially there Ulun Danu lake. When high tide, around the temples covered with water. Really beautiful. When I visited, a pair of tourists from China could not hide his admiration. Oh, Hooo ... he said repeatedly. Ulun Danu is also perpetuated to decorate fractions Idr. 50 thousand us.

After Bedugul, I headed to Tanah Lot. Pura-Pura in Bali sprinkled in every village. But not all the 'charismatic' as Ulun Danu, or Pura Besakih, also the cluster of temples in Tanah Lot sea corals. Silhouette of the temple on the rock are missing do not withstand the rush of waves most often perpetuated tourists, although there are at least four Tanah Lot temple.

The next day I had to return home, leaving at 14.00. There is still time to cruise into the district of Kuta. But unfortunately, my wife was exhausted. However I do not regret not have time to Kuta. Since Bali I've enjoyed along the way to Ubud, Bedugul headed, and when to Tanah Lot. Kuta reportedly has been crowded, and not appropriate for me to meet Caucasian-Caucasian half-naked.


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