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Why Study in United Kingdom?

Why Study in United Kingdom?

 oxford university

executive summary by darmansjah godjali

 birmingham university chancellor court

When successfully passed the selection process IFP Ford Foundation scholarship which took about a year, I decided to go to England. For your information, this scholarship provides scholarship recipients the opportunity to choose the destination country studies based on interests, knowledge, and of course a letter of acceptance from the university concerned. Some states that the goal of the scholarship recipients Indonesia is the United States, Australia, Netherlands, UK and several countries in Southeast Asia, including allowed to go to college in the country.

  endesor village

Although many friends and companions who suggested to lecture other countries on the grounds in England only a year, all the time will be taken for college. Besides financial reasons, the cost of living in the UK is very high compared to other countries in Europe and even the United States itself. Obviously I am considering all the opinions from friends and companions. Still looking for support from friends who was studying in England. Growing conviction to continue studying in the UK. Long story short, the struggle to improve the TOEFL and IELTS (one of the prerequisites of university admission, especially English-speaking country), could eventually reach those standards.

 the Bodleian Library at Oxford University

However, a strong motivation for schools in England is not actually an academic and intellectual reasons. Since I am not a scholar and strong only aspire to continue their schooling abroad. One reason, readings and spectacle childhood until now makes me obsessed to England. Perhaps those of you who grew up in the late 1970's and 1980's still remember the series The Famous Five are known in Indonesia as a mother's Famous Five Blyton Enyd teacher from England and also set in England. Although only read from a book loan for never afford to buy, the memory of Famous Five very imprint. Coupled with the only TV series I watch the 14-inch black and white TV, so it was never clear color dress his players.

 london bridge from the tower

Again, the memory of the British royal family that always appear in the news, especially newspapers and magazines (it was only TVRI television media and online media have not been there). Starting from the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, the late Princess Diana to Sarah Ferguson, former wife of Prince Andrew who is no longer acceptable by the royal family. Not to mention the childhood crown royal Prince Williams and his brother Prince Harry attended Eton, a school for the royal family. So much memory is stored in my head and wanted to see.
When in junior high school, began listening to the music of The Beatles and was very impressed with the song Imagine by John Lennon, vocalist of The Beatles. Even this band that makes me always remember Liverpool, their hometown and also famous for its football club, FC Livepool. Moving into college and beyond, the shadow of the British increasingly filled my mind. Reading the Harry Potter series of books first to the last book (the seventh) that made me always imagined old castles where Harry Potter's Hogwarts school is located. Then, tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata Edensor in one of his books (read: Enzor). 

Edensor is a small village located in Derbyshire, a small town in England, which in essence no different from other villages in England. Even many of the more beautiful village of Edensor, but Andrea Hirata book that makes a lot of Indonesian people who live or will be taking the college to England to go to this village. Again, Edensor is one that inspires England to lecture in order to visit there.

 endesor village

It turns out these readings and spectacle that direct the subconscious to seek opportunities to continue my education really aspire while visiting the places that I read long ago. Witnessing how the actual nature of cold and windy British summer even though, playing in the park while carrying supplies such as ginger biscuits Gang of Five, pictures taken in front of Buckingham Palace to just find out Peron 9 ¾ at King's Cross station, platform for Harry Potter to Hogwarts. It's not an academic reason and intellect to decide college here.

However, after being here, I justify a lot of opinions and advice friends before coming here. Lecture in English is not easy, given time only a year to complete the program S2, while in other countries such as Holland, a minimum of 15 months and the United States took 24 months. Not easy, because the college here is like riding motorcycles, engines had to be heated and you must step on the gas. If not, Hence you will be hassles with the task (assignment), especially writing with a high standard. Do not even think of using SKS (night racing system) or you will fail (no pass) and must re-sit (repeat). And do not even think to cheat in exams or writing either as a special from writing all the universities here have a system to check for plagiarism in writing. Even if you are wrong to write a reference, the system will detect the smallest level of plagiarism. And severe threat, you are expelled from the university or perhaps worst, a student visa can be revoked.

Not to mention those of us who come from the tropics, weather in the UK (including Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) is less friendly. Although temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius, but often still have to use a jacket or sweater because the wind and rain to be subscribed in this country. When the winter  comes, be prepared to be a polar bear who spent time with sleeping and eating, because the weather makes you reluctant to leave the house for something that is not too important, except for college course.

Do not worry, among the tight schedule of lectures and assignments are almost endless, if you like traveling, Britain became one of the place. You can travel from one city to another with a cheaper, especially if the student status. Please explore the corners of the UK an interesting start to enjoy the sights of Big Ben and London Bridge, along the old city of Cambridge is almost all buildings have a connection with Cambridge University, one of the oldest and prestigious universities in the world to walk to the Highlander filming locations in the area of ​​highland, Scotland.

 the bodleinan libarary at oxford university

If you are someone who is very fond of science, English is one of the warehouse. Visit the Bodleian Library at Oxford University that holds a collection of famous books from around the world or become acquainted with the economic ideas of Adam Smith from Scotland and read original works of William Shakespeare in the library of the University of Birmingham. Perhaps there are very many things that you can feel college in England and it feels very short time of year to get to know a country that also have football clubs such as Manchester United's top, Liverpool, Arsenal and others.

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