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Executive summary by darmansjah

INSPIRED the movie Kite Runner, I was moved to visit the highlands of central Afghanistan. There are Bamyan City at an altitude of 2,800 meters, which is part of the cluster of the Hindu Kush mountains. Because of its geographical position, the city experienced during the six months of winter with temperatures up to minus 20 degrees. Bamyan was built in the early development of the teaching of the Hindu Kush. Because of its unique geographical location, the city experienced during the winter months with a temperature of minus six to 20 C. Bamyan was built in the early development of Hinduism and Buddhism. This place still leaves the historical evidence in the form of carved Buddha statues and caves where monks lived on the wall of a cliff overlooking the city Banyam built in the 5th century. Bamyan is now a cultural center Hazara tribe.

While in Bamyan, I accompanied Anwar everyday use white Shalwar kameez, a traditional outfit that is commonly found in the central and southern Asia. Shalwar is the section width pants tied it with a rope and tapers at the ankle. While kameez is the dress that covers the upper part of the shoulder to just above the knee, long sleeved and there parts in addition to the waist.

With a physique body that is not too high, not bearded, small nose and slanted eyes like those of East Asia in general, my appearance looks stark contrast compared to adult male Pashtuns, the ethnic majority in this country. Hazara are a minority tribe that has long been isolated in the Central Highlands, known as Hazarajat. They come from the lineage of the Mongols who entered Afghanistan in the 13th century brought about by Gengis Khan and his troops during the Mongol invasion. Hazara tribe has long been regarded as outsiders or second class and just living from the profession or occupation of the lower classes do not interest other tribes in Afghanistan. Generally  hazara tribe  adheres to Shiah Islam who live amongst the people who embrace Sunni Islam. It may look different face and ideology make Hazara suffered a dark history in the past.

My heart was pricked when I heard Anwar narrative about the life of the Hazara tribe during Taliban rule. Pashtun tribe called  Tajik tribe as Tajikistan, Uzbeks and Hazaras as Uzbekhistan and Goristan, which means grave. Hazara tribal settlements were destroyed, their homes burned, thousands of them were killed and the survivors into slavery, they did not have the same opportunities for formal education and work in the areas of government.

A dark past that has passed through the spirit of the Hazara tribe survive the next few generations. Under the current administration, Hazara tribe have equal opportunities in education and make them very competitive in the world of work.

Buddhas of Bamyan my head. Place the status of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO's most visited caravan traders who crossed from Asia and Europe trade lane gold silk. Bamyan is part of the Buddhist Kushan empire. That is why, not surprisingly, there are three carved statues of Buddha and several caves used as a shelter the monks in one of the cliff overlooking the city which was built in the 6th century. Now the only remaining place standing Buddha statue niches. Taliban blow ruling in March 2001. The reason is polytheistic. Of course, this is very unfortunate because the statue that has been a silent witness to the triumph of the silk line. That passage of time that we can see here.

Land Afgan

SIGN LICENSE, required visas for foreign pedestrians could be at the embassy of Afghanistan, located in the city and live. At a cost of U.S. $ 30. In Kabul there are also embassies countries in the world, and when you should arrive there to report to the office. The process of getting a visa about one week and will be easier when equipped with a letter of invitation from the people who are in Afghanistan.

CLIMATE country has four seasons, dry heat, cold (temperatures of minus 20 C), fall and spring. The best time when the temperature is not too hot. The flight was not too often turns like in winter. The worst time when there is political activity such as elections and mid-September (usually prone terrorism).

THERE has been a lot of airlines to fly to Kabul, the most convenient flights from Singapore can through New Delhi ( or Dubai ( or a local airline ( While transportation in the city is very difficult given the public transport vehicles are not equipped with a number or a special mark of origin and destination freight. Hire a taxi to town:

ACCOMMODATION available in the city of Kabul and Bamyan, like a luxury hotel Sarena ( serenakabul /default-en.html). House of the largest in the city center (about $ 50 and can be negotiable down to $ 35) or a budget inn Mustafa Hotel ( asia / afghanistan / mustafa / index.html). In Bamyan could try Silk Road Hotel (
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of which are similar to those used in Persian Iran. Tourism information through or Bamyan in

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