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By Defri Werdiono, executive summary by darmansjah

Kamakura down and feel the spirituality "of Sakura". That sensation of Kamakura, a city in kanagawa Prefecture within about 1 hour by road from Tokyo.

Spotty drizzle greeted the bus we were traveling from Tokyo. Buses are only able to walk slowly when crossing the narrow winding street the contour of the land a little up and down. Occasional bus should reduce speed and stop as passed by another vehicle.

Entering Kamakura, Tokyo atmosphere is quite a contrast with the full storey building. Located 50 kilometers from Tokyo, Kamakura realm that lies between the hills and the forest looks still beautiful. Atmosphere edges also feels more like a small town, quiet, and peaceful. In fact, the city was once the capital of the government of Japan on 7-9 centuries ago.

Most of the houses in Kamakura small with narrow courtyard, and some have almost no yard. The model also has a modern house, only a few old-fashioned-looking shades with a traditional Japanese form of roof.

Throughout the eye could see almost all the doors closed and minimal activity. Only one or two people walking on the sidewalk looked deserted. Some other people coming out of a small supermarket. Here, there are still many people who have a two-wheeler of the 1980s output in well-preserved condition.

The owner parked the car in the yard or in the public car park which operates 24-hour pay. The car park is located in several places apparently purposely built to get around the narrow and high land in that area.

Atmosphere from entering the crowded city center. Vehicles back and forth and the people who move in small groups more visible. From a distance can be guessed that they were not local residents. It can be observed from their temperament that shows mimic amazed at the condition around.

Kamakura is an attractive area for foreign tourists, but also domestic travelers from Japan. They come to enjoy the atmosphere in the form of temples and treasures Kamakura. Here are dozens of Buddhist temples and Shinto.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

One of the famous Buddhist temple is Hasedera. The temple is located on a hill and overlooks Pacific Ocean. Hasedera entered the temple, visitors are welcomed garden and koi pond containing fish large enough. Splashing water that flowed through the bamboo garden atmosphere mendjadikan feel fresh and makes people want to linger to enjoy it. The beauty of the park makes people forget the temperatures ranging from 11 degrees Celsius.

According to legend, in 721 AD, monks Takado Shonin discovered a large camphor tree in a forest near the village of Hase, in the forest area of ​​Nara. Because of the large tree trunk and material deemed sufficient, the stick finally carved a two-headed statue canon 11. The statue is placed in the temple Hasedera and another was thrown into the sea with the accompaniment of prayer in order to appear again as the savior of mankind.
And indeed, in the year 736 statues that had been thrown into the sea that washed up on the beach Nagai located not far from Kamakua. The statue was then brought to Kamakua and Hesendera Temple was built again.

An official at the temple said, tourists usually visit will increase drastically before the New Year. In addition to sight-seeing, in this live nevertheless travelers can buy souvenirs with prices range from 500 yen. In the corner of the page there is a telescope that can be used to see the condition of the beach. To use binoculars, we must insert a coin 100 yen.

After enjoying Hasedera temple, tourists can continue with a trip to see the famous Temple Kotokuin Supreme Buddha (Amita-Buddha Daibutsu or Great Buddha) was built in 1252. The temple is located not too far from Hasadera. In this place, tourists can see the bronze statue of Buddha 13.35 meters tall who was sitting cross-legged with his meditation.

Mayumi Saito, a tour guide, said, the Great Buddha statue had broken several times by natural disasters, including the tsunami that occurred in the 15th century. The first Buddha statue in the temple. 

However, because the temple is damaged, until now left out in the open.

"In Japan, there are many temples. However, the famous, unique, and many tourists visit the temples are located in Kamakura, "Mayumi said on the sidelines of the visit along with it.

Buddha has become a spirit for most of the Japanese people. Communities strive to emulate the properties of the Buddha's compassion. an effort was realized by doing good to fellow.

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