Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mansinam Island

You are planning a vacation to exotic places? Papua, could be an appropriate alternative. Besides Raja Ampat, the island has Mansinam Island.

Raja Ampat is more known because online media onslaught promoting this area. However, It also has a lot of places that offer the charm like a paradise. Yes, the name of the island is Mansinam. Mansinam island has an area of ​​approximately 411 hectares and is located in the Gulf Doreh, south of Manokwari.

To visit the island, you can get off at Rendani Airport which is six kilometers from the city of Manokwari

From here, you can rent a boat or a traditional long boat from Coast Kwawi. So, what appeal this area?

The first thing you can go is the Church of Hope (Krek der Hopen). This place is believed to be the oldest Christian place of worship in Papua. World Church, home, boarding, old wells, and some missionary tomb is historical evidence that can still be found here.

In addition, for the lovers of the sea, you can snorkel swim alias above sea level using a mask, snorkel, and frog legs. If you have a diving certificate, be prepared to see a variety of colorful fish, sea horses are elegant, to the various types of coral reefs.

Sea shipwreck.

What is the depth that must be taken to see the beauty of it? It turned out not to be too deep. The average is about five feet deep enough. If not satisfied, you can enjoy the sea shipwrecks believed to belong to the Japanese locals. Shipwreck are usually the object of the most sought after dive.

If you are interested in cruising to the island Mansinam, Manokwari, please choose airlines that opened rut eke this area. For example, if you depart from Makassar, Sriwijaya Air ( opened a new route from Makassar to Manokwari.

For information, for the sake of customer convenience is Sriwijaya Air in 2013 will focus on the procurement of aircraft with new technology, such as the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 NG Family. Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft will be used to serve all domestic flight in Indonesia with a thickening of the frequency on each route which attracted many customers

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