Sunday, June 30, 2013

Enjoy spring in Japan

Executive summary by darmansjah

Visited Japan in the best and most beautiful! During the spring, Japan is covered with an abundance of pure white clouds and the pink color of cherry blossoms. This is the festival season of cherry blossoms!

Experience the full beauty of Tokyo at the start with a visit to the Asakusa Kannon Temple was completed in 645, making it the oldest temple in Tokyo. Sign in with Kaminarimon (Thunder gate) which is the symbol of the Akasuka and the entire city of Tokyo. Visiting shopping street, Nakamise which offers a variety of shops selling souvenirs like typical Japanese kimono, fan folding, and local snacks.

Following a tour in the imperial palace, surrounded by cherry trees are blooming so beautifully. Formerly the palace is known as Edo Castle, the imperial palace was the main residence of the emperor of Japan that there is a large garden and surrounded by water channels and large stone walls.

Get souvenir photo of Tokyo Sky Tree, the tallest tower in the world. In it there are two observation space offering spectacular views of Tokyo, a large shopping complex and the aquarium at the base of the building.

Then, come back to see more of the beauty of the blooming cherry blossoms in Ueno Park. Enjoy the beauty of the garden where the Japanese love to picnic under the cherry tree. Visiting Tokyo would not be complete without shopping in Ginza and Shinjuku, you will find branded stores worldwide, most electronic gadgets and computer updates for your camera, the brand famous and relatively low prices ranging from 100 ¥.

 from kawaguchi lake
Take a trip to Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, which has a symmetrical shape that is very beautiful with the snow-capped mountain peaks, you will be able to admire the beauty of the  fuji mountain to see the reflection at Kawaguchi Lake, a resort area with many hotels are located on the edge of a lake , windsurfing facilities, camp sites and picnic by boat. Later, enjoy an exciting experience ride bullet train, the shinkansen is known as punctuality, comfortable, safe and efficient.

Immerse yourself in the city of Tokyo through the Heian Shrine in green and red. Admiring 1001 Kannon statues and the Kiyomizu Temple where you can enjoy city views from the spacious terrace.

When in Osaka, a time to yourself to visit Osaka Castle, the most famous sights and a symbol of the city of Osaka. Osaka Castle also features an observation room upstairs and in which there is a museum where you can find so many historical items on display to the public. The cherry blossoms are blooming in the castle is an unforgettable sight! From this castle, it was time to shop again in the Market Place Tempozan and Kuromon Market, and if not satisfied, at night you can shop Shinsibashi and Dotonbori where there are plenty of shops to suit all your needs 

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