Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paddy's Market

If by chance you are visiting Sydney, do not forget to stop by and stopped to visit a unique Australian icon. Yes, in the city there is a market called Paddy's market. This is a market with hundreds of stalls selling all sorts of products, ranging from fish, vegetables, fruit to fashion objects' and souvenir. Paddy's Market has been around since 1834. Initially, the market was built on the governor's decision sir Richard bourke, as a new venue for merchants to sell hay and grain in Campbell Street, Sydney.

The origin of the name paddy's market is the result of 'borrowing' names are similar market in the UK, specifically in the residential area of ​​the Irish people in the Liverpool area. At that time, the governor bourke allow market operating hours until 10 pm every Saturday.

At the time, Paddy's market still occupies an open area filled with hundreds of stalls lining. Not only selling vegetables, fruits, and fabrics, livestock and bird vendors also took part in this market.

Uniquely, to increase the number of visitors that come, the market manager working with wilson's circus. It aims to further enliven the market with a circus attraction during holidays throughout the spring and fall. Things grew in the 1860's in the form of a game of 'trick riding', tests of strength, and a variety of typical fairground attractions.

Paddy's market growing popularity skyrocketed, especially in the period of the gold rush in Australia around the year 1850-1890. Thousands of immigrants who came from the land of the English, which is derived mostly Irish, spent their Saturday in the area.

Prestige of paddy's market hitherto never subsided, despite moving to some place with a number of facilities renewal. Precisely in 1975, paddy's market is located on the corner of Thomas Street and hay, hay market, in a large enclosed area surrounded by a brick wall.

Interestingly, like traditional market, the price of the items sold here, is not so expensive. You can get souvenirs at affordable prices, such as a dozen refrigerator magnets ornaments priced at two Australian dollars only. Well, if you intend to buy in large quantities, the merchant often generously give extra discount.
In fact, given the tourists who often go crazy when shopping a lot, usually at paddy's market traders offer assistant which helps tourists to take and count goods, including transaction. Instead of if you're lucky, can get can get an assistant who is fluent in china, Spanish, and even Arabic.

If you intend to get there, do not forget to look at hours of operation are open every Wednesday until the week of the hours of nine in the morning until five in the afternoon, and of course a pleasant walk.

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