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Saluhallen Ostermalmstorg

Original text by Sarie Febriane, adapted by Darmansjah

Anything short as a journey, give a chance to the tongue to record a piece of memorabilia. In Stockholm, swing step foot into Saluhallen Ostermamlstorg and let the desire to complete the sense of taste.

Cold weather brings melancholy instantly warmed over Saluhallen steps into the building. The aroma of savory dishes on the stove, the smell of brewed coffee and cake from the oven fragrant air chase infiltrated the nasal cavity.

We can find a variety of quality foods, especially the typical Swedish, in this place. At least that was the recommendation of some friends and the user guide for tourists visiting Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

In Saluhallen there are 23 stalls selling a variety of fresh food and cooking so. Food shops that are willing to serve the new lunch menu schedule, ie at 11:00. While the morning, in mid-November, only Robert's Coffee coffee shop that looks are filled with visitors.

Assorted coffee from around the world served with a vengeance at Robert's Coffee. One of the coffee is a mainstay apparently Java Estate coffee from Indonesia. In a separate arrangement, the coffee shop was recommended by Robert's Coffee.

Delicious coffee from Java land was sold 59-75 krona per 250 grams. "Java Estate Coffee is a popular one here, the best fit is brewed using a French press," said a barista at the shop.

Salmon are plump

In the shop, the barista recommended typical Swedish cuisine is simple, the raw salmon. 

Recommendations are tempting, given the quality of salmon from the Scandinavian countries in the region are classified as the best in the world. One shop in Saluhallen that provides a menu that is Tysta Mari Restaurant.
Raw Salmon, named gravad lax or gravlax, is one of the favorite meals in the tavern Tysta Mari. This menu choice companion for one of them in the form of chunks of potato with white sauce made from flour, milk, and butter.

In a large serving dish, plump slices of salmon flesh curled folded to form the bumps rippled salivary gland lure. In a gleaming orange tinge, the salmon looked flushed plump alluring light overwritten. His appearance was sweetened by slices of lemon, a few grains of black pepper, and a sprig of fresh dill.

Ah, salmon from the Scandinavian region is feasible for anyone crazy. This raw salmon is cool, fresh, perfectly chewy, and pollinated (juicy). Tenderness of the meat fibers around the corner stroking mouth mercilessly.

Sea salt and sugar glaze on the salmon tasted only faintly. Both as not to distract from the sense of taste sensor game suppleness by stimulating the salmon are plump.
Sliced ​​lemon-originally to be released on the salmon to reduce the possibility of a fishy smell really is not necessary at all. Better next slumbering sliced ​​salmon with mustard sauce sweet sour false.

For another taste interlude, lush bite dill salmon when crushed in the middle of the mouth. Let them compete in a struggle with his tongue, sliding into the esophagus, and leaving a trail of memories in taste buds sensory memory.

Thoroughly enjoy this raw salmon, it did not want to wash your mouth with any drink. Let your sense of taste thoughtful for a moment, a good record recently achieved ecstasy.

Courtship with salmon was likely may also end with something sweet. Choice fell on princsesstarta cake or pastry shop princess Bageri Borgs. In the literature Swedish cuisine, princess cake is often referred to as one of the peculiarities and becoming known in the country since the 1930s.

This soft sponge cake covered with a layer of solid colored pale green marzipan and a little sprinkling of powdered sugar. The inside is soft thanks to the layer of thin outward interspersed whisk cream raspberry jam. "Princess cake is always popular. My son also love that cake since we live here, "said Restored Piniji barrel (33), an Indonesian citizen who was seven months living in Stockholm.

Living in Stockholm that is always at hand over the cold air seem to make raw salmon and princess cake worth as a fugitive by the tongue-tied so as not to freeze.


Saluhallen Ostermalmstorg-called start Saluhall -up in Stockholm in the spring of 1888. Saluhallen, which means the market hall, serves as the sale of food and food ingredients. Saluhallen this kind can also be found in other cities in Sweden.

Before the tower section mungin Saluhallen façade reminiscent of a medieval castle. As mentioned in the site, neogotik architectural style with exposed brick designs considered progressive in an era when Saluhallen Ostermalmstorg established.

Quite easy reach Saluhallen. From T-Centralen, subway station in the center of town, take the red line that leads to the final destination Morby Centrum. Do not miss, only one station away from T-Centralen it, we have to go down in Ostermalmstorg.

Then, choose a path that leads to the second station Nybrogatan Road. Arriving outside, look toward to the left, then the eye will be landed on a beautiful building on a street corner. In the face of the building was clearly written: "Saluhall". (SF)

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