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Harmony Tolouse

Harmony Tolouse

By Mukhamad Kurniawan, executive summary by darmansjah

In this city, the past and the present can be harmonious. Old building have Roman architecture, fountains, and statues of ancient terawatt well in the city that grew into the European aviation industry base. This Toulouse! Southern French town is nicknamed "Pink City".

Harmony looked outside the window of the bus on the way from Blagnac airport to the hotel in Jean Jaures street, Wednesday (19/12). After the modern buildings in the Blagnac, headquarters of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the panorama changed with the presence of older buildings in the town center dominated by the red brick. Naturally, if the city is known as the "Pink City".

The view at the Donjon du Capitole, one of the buildings in the heart of Tolouse, built in 1525, on Wednesday evening, also present past-present harmony. On the walls of the old building that looks like a fairy tale palace, the laser is projected to produce an image like a screen telling step. The difference is, the building blends with the story.

People passing in the audience who stood watching the visual projection. Some take pictures with your cell phone camera, sitting on the bench, and chatting under a tree in a city park wrapped in decorative lighting.

In another corner, two "graven" humans suck the attention of visitors. There is also the dramas such small kids choir, dance performances, pantomime, and strategy games that enrich the end of the year a series of events.

The air temperature was 9 degrees Celsius night, cold enough for the people of Indonesia. However, the city center with a warm Touluse spotlight toward the building, twinkling Christmas ornaments, night market, a row of cafes, and the interaction of people in open spaces.

Christmas Market

Our opportunity, a group journalists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India were invited to Toulouse Air Asia in order to pick up a new plane, just two hours before the store and the activity ends. Hence, our guide, suggested to the Place du Capitole to enjoy the atmosphere of the city and Christmas market held once a year.

"There was stuff falling from the truck in the Christmas market," said tour guide describes the relative prices of goods are skewed.

Merchant tents set up in the infield Palace du Capitole. There are an assortment of merchandise, such as shirts, pants, various processed chocolate, bread, sweets, and a variety of knick-knacks crafts and small industry results.

The price? There is a children's wear, knit jackets, and jerseys are offered at a price of 10-45 euros. There is also all kind of typical French bakery offered 2-9 euros, or fiber crafts and shaped metal sculptures sold 5-100 euro.

Christmas in France is a joyous occasion that is celebrated in towns and villages. Sparkling decorations, food, concerts, festivals, parades, and the market never miss. Christmas Market held in many cities and become a regular agenda, as in Paris, Lille, Avignon, Bordeaux, and Toulouse.


In Tolouse, the Christmas market held at the Place du Capitole. Toulouse Mayor mention, the Capitole is not just a city hall, where the members of the council met to run the city for its citizens, but also a common room for all the people.

Capitole is a historic building. Romans built to worship the god Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, the Capitole is currently the town hall as well as public spaces. Ornament is rich in building high value artwork.

In addition to the structure and the interior has been changed, such as the facade of red brick structure and neoclassical style by architect Guillaume Cammas was built in 1750-1760.

In the middle of the field, there Languedoc cross that became the symbol of the city. This cross has a bronze strip with 12 corners on the outside, a symbol of the number of months, and 12 stars. Unfortunately, when we came symbol invisible intact because market activity.

The tour guide took us into one of the Capitole, where old paintings displayed neatly. There are works of Jean-Paul Gervais (1859-1936), Henri Martin (1860-1945), a French painter and is often used as background seminars, wedding receptions, or symposium.

Group stunned to see Impressionist Henri Martin's work entitled "Les Reveus (The Dreamers)" which depicts Jean Jaures, the French socialist leader, walking on the banks of the River Garonne which divides the city. Past town atmosphere seemed lively, natural, and real. He also painted the atmosphere four seasons in another work.

Toulouse, the capital of the region Midi Pyrenes, evolved as one of the city's rapid French. Is the fourth largest city in France after Paris, Marseille, and Lyon . The presence of Airbus aircraft industry, electronics, and college to make this city more vibrant.

Not cent felt only a few hours layover in the "pink city" is. However, one thing that can be learned from Toulouse, the past can walk in harmony with the present.

To Toulouse, Airbus Popped into ...

Airbus is the heart of Toulouse, France. It feels incomplete without stopping to go to Toulouse to Airbus aircraft assembly center.

Airbus is a major player world aircraft industry. Partners who produce the largest components in Spain, Germany, and the UK, but its main base in Toulouse.

Marketing Director Airbus, Thursday (20/12), said that in the current age of 40 years, Airbus has produced approximately 12,000 aircraft for 490 operators around the world.

Products prestigious super jumbo A380 is capable of carrying 555 to 800 passengers and go through 14,800 kilometers non-stop. The aircraft is a two-story from head to tail. His form is greater than its competitors, Boeing 747-400, which only rise in the future.

If you're lucky, and can see Beluga flying or landing. The aircraft is humped in the head like belugas. The special design is to transport aircraft parts.

However, entry into the A380 final assembly line is no less spectacular. The extent of 20 football fields!

Airbus offers excursions packages, the package of A380 (A380 program includes presentations, visits to production sites and aircraft), heritage (visit to the aircraft heritage), and panoramic (guided bus tour with).

Tickets dibenderol 7.5 to 14.5 euros per person per package or 14.85 to 32.4 euros for a combination package. Tariff varies according to age and status as students or the public.

Visitors also can buy various souvenirs in the shop Airbus. Interested in visiting? Please come to enjoy it. (MKN)

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