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Travel to Raja Ampat do reckless capital

By Agnes Swetta Pandia, executive summary by darmansjah

Raja Ampat in West Papua, like a small surge that fell on the earth. Indeed such a stunning beauty who has always touted the number of promotions.

The sea is crystal clear with the thousands of fish in coral reefs can be easily enjoyed from the boat, a dream of many people to be able to cruise on one of the provinces in the east end of Indonesia.

Raja Ampat in West Papua province commonly called "bird's head" has an area of ​​46,108 square kilometers, and nearly 80 percent of them sea. Reach 4860 kilometers long coastline. However, only about 60,000 inhabitants lives in 35 islands of which there are 610 islands. Its inhabitants are scattered in 98 villages and 17 districts. Local population consists of 10 tribes that have major livelihood as a fisherman.

Since traveling by speed boat for 2 hours from Sorong to Port Waisai in Raja Ampat, the eyes have been spoiled with great views and a clear blue sea. The scenery more stunning upon entering the Raja Ampat. Even though average air temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, not a reason to not try the tourist district is surrounded by coral islands.

Tourists who come to Raja Ampat was not indiscriminate. Therefore, they must spend no less than US$2,000 per person. It was compensation for the beauty yan seen while swimming and diving in some areas, as well as visiting the beautiful islands that. Travel from one island to another by small boat quickly at least 3 hours to reach the island Wayag. This island is one of the destinations that are excellent in the area of ​​Raja Ampat.

The cost of "eye wash" the beauty of Raja Ampat sight of them drained of rental boats that require up to about 400 liters Premium Round Waisai - Wayag. Rental boats are also used for various forms across the islands, white sand, and a cave in the forest, including the sea. Fuel prices in Raja Ampat tend to be three times more expensive than the normal price.

Visitors who enter Wajag Islands, compulsory levy to pay US$25 for both local conservation, and US$50 for foreigners. So pay a fee for Conservation International Indonesia, visitors are given a plastic medallion valid for a year.

As stated Waisai Beach Hotel manager, the cost to the picnic area is more expensive compared to other places, including in Europe. By renting a speedboat has six tourists passenger can enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat as Waigeo, diving and Missol Waiwo, visit the Tourism Village Sawingrai to see birds of paradise, and Pianemo, a small island chain in Raja Ampat.

If you want to stay not in Waisai can Waigeo Island US$50 minimum rate includes the cost of meals a day, plus the cost of diving equipment including approximately US$50 per person. There are also offers package tours on the island of PEF, especially divers who want to stay and dive as much of tariff 2,350 euro to 7,000 euro.

Stepping beauty on Earth Cenderawasih it does not just dive or swim though the beauty and charm of Raja Ampat dominated coral reef and underwater biota, white sandy beaches, a cluster of small islands are beautiful, and the wilderness.

If you want to enjoy the rural atmosphere in Raja Ampat, can stay or just stop in the village on the island of Sawing Rai, about two hours drive from Waisai. Visitors can usually feed the fish in the form of starch dough so that different types of fish will invade. Furthermore, visitors can see birds of paradise closer to climbing Mount Manjai, Sawing Rai, for 30 minutes.

Dozens of birds of paradise red, split rattan, small and large paradise perch on a tree will appear as high as 2 meters. However, to be able to see birds of paradise, there are certain times, especially during sunny.

No Mass Tourism
Raja Ampat Tourism is inevitably the target of many people from different parts of the world. Although the cost is expensive, does not seem to be a reason for tourists to come.

The beauty of the area as well as a sustainable mangrove forest trimmings. Tourist attraction located in the Raja Ampat marine wealth. Therefore, as a national park, Raja Ampat can not be developed as a mass tourism. The goal, it is clear that in order to maintain the natural preservation as a national park.

To maintain continuity, the efforts are restrictions to the activity of diving in Raja Ampat. The reason, body temperature issued divers feared could damage coral reefs.

So, diving activities with dozens of people in the same time, not have been allowed. In fact, an underwater photography activities were prohibited massively since the camera lights can damage coral reefs.

Raja Ampat Tourism is not to be expected mass travel and cheap so people come in droves. Tourists to the Raja Ampat must be qualified and educated. That is, know how to behave while being traveled up that coral reefs are not damaged.

Raja Ampat government has also made some restriction rules to preserve the area. One is to limit the presence of the resort. Up to 10 years, the number of the resort is limited up to 20 resort course. So is the number of vessels operating quickly. Currently there are seven resorts, while fast ship as many as 40 units of various sizes and different passenger capacities.

Indeed, tourists who want to Raja Ampat, generally have an adventurous spirit and love diving and swimming. Moreover, fast boats that carry away tourists from one island to another, such as from Waisai - Wayag, general his captain not undergo formal education. Ships were generally not equipped lighting, compass, or other means of communication with his fellow drivers ship or to determine the intended direction and the position of the ship. The average ship only drum containing fuel oil and all the passengers have not been wearing a life jacket.

For example, when the group Agnes Swetta Pandia Waisai-Wayag route. At left, the weather was nice, and barely turbulent sea. However, during a trip home to Waisai, nearly an hour boat have 8 people got stuck in the middle of the sea as the captain lost.

Means standard port for ships, also minimal. This makes many captains desperate for a position can not be quickly docked and the vessel just spinning in the middle of Pacific Ocean sea. The ship eventually escaped to Waisai, after receiving help from other ships that also benighted of Waiyag.

Menginjakan foot in Raja Ampat, probably the dream of many people. It costs not a constraint if the determination was made to enjoy the beauty of the sea and landscape of the region. But most of all, prior to travel to Raja Ampat, should measure power. Both dive and climb the cliff, obviously requires physical strength. Because when he was in peak Wayag, no place to sit or stand for long.

To climb there are also two points, one location by the beach, where another climber jumped off the boat and clinging to a rock or a tree. Travel is also more exciting because she arrived at the summit, which perpetuate the beauty of marine visitors with a variety of colors due to the reflection of light, coral reefs, as well as the depth of the sea, should be dropped. Capacity at the peak maximum of 10 people. Climber going to the top, had to wait for the previous group down from the peak. If forced at the top, visitors can jostle and ultimately dangerous. One-one visitors can plunge into the sea.

For travel to Raja Ampat, the most ideal time is from September to May despite the hot weather. There is also the June to August, there was a strong wind that waves can reach a height of 4 meters.

Flow of tourists who come to Raja Ampat until now were still dominated by foreign tourists. Groups of foreign tourists using cruise ships, generally welcome to stay in the tourist areas of the sea and the forest. So, if you want a picnic to Raja Ampat, not enough deep pockets, but it does have an adventurous spirit. Most key, do not leave garbage in the little heaven on earth so that its beauty remains timeless. Hopefully.

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