Thursday, June 13, 2013


By Kusnadi El-Ghezwa, Coordinator of the Department of Information Media PPI Morocco, executive summary by darmansjah

If you come to Morocco and want to enjoy the natural beauty of the airy and decorated with ancient historical relics, the city of Essaouira is a great place to visit. Make no mistake, even though the city is not as big as the southern cities of Morocco others. However, a small, beautiful little which offers beautiful coastal scenery.

In addition, this small town is also busy with the fishing industry along the coast there are also restaurants and hotels are ready to cater to tourists who come to relax on the beach or conducting kite surfing and wind surfing. By paying 20 dirham You can wander up the coast of Essaouira is a camel.

The town is located on the Atlantic Ocean, the west coast of Morocco, also offers some spa outlet sea water and spectacular sunset views. Among the tours that have the greatest attraction is fishing and culinary tourism lined with open-air restaurant on the edge of the dock.

Another thing that is interesting and unique little town, in addition to the activities of the fishermen with small boats blue horde pelicans who packed the fort and scrambling got from the fishermen throw fish into the exciting sights when afternoon.

To get hotel or lodging, you do not get confused or scared because they're expensive. Essaoira the coast is a lot of young people carrying keys offering inn and villas with a very affordable price. Ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive price can be found here.

For the price of the villa with the amenities two bedrooms, living room and kitchen space plus tv just for 250 dirhams, or approximately USD 300 thousand. In it can be filled with six to ten people unlimited aliases. If you want a more luxurious also there, stay fit wrote with our walle

If you really want to enjoy the local culture, stay at a traditional house that has been turned into an inn. This is known as "Riads" and is quite popular.

Nighttime is the right time to circumnavigate the traditional markets that are close to the beach. Right-left of the market is flanked by large walls and buildings surrounding the ancient relics of Portugal.

In this traditional market, you will find a variety of knick-knacks as well as arts and crafts of Morocco. In the market overhang is a lot of sellers who offer a variety of sizes and styles shirts that read Essaouira with a very affordable price, around 60 dirhams. Not bad for a keepsake, even though the price is not much but have the memories. However, specialists Essaouira itself is on a carved wooden souvenirs.

Behind the entrance of this city are at Magana, mounted on a large clock tower with a very loud sound every hour.

According to history, Essaouira is a common location visiting travelers and traders because of its proximity to the Atlantic and trade routes to Europe. Essaouira is recognized as a perfect example of the fortress city of the 18th century. This antique city so as to be one of the most important tourist cities in Morocco because it has high appeal for tourists.

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