Tuesday, June 11, 2013


TAIWAN is a memorable place to visit for tourists. You will not be able to forget the charm of Taiwan with the admiration that comes out spontaneously. How could I not? Countries in three different climatic zones, namely tropical, sub-tropical, and is has many interesting sights.

Trip can be started from the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall with past presidential palace in Taipei. Then, the trip can proceed to Taichung for shopping at the night market Fongjia Night Market.

You will also be invited to explore the area by visiting Tien Chang Hwa Wei Flower Garden Road with beautiful flowers. Do not miss Taiwan Folk village featuring the traditional culture of the Chinese people and their ancient buildings.

After enjoying the cultural attractions, refresh  your and stretch your mind by enjoying the beauty of Sun Moon Lake or visit Wen Wu Temple. Similarly Find Aboriginal settlements in the village of Te Hua.

The tour will be even more fun if you use a ferry to explore the lake until he reached the spot Alishan Sisters Ponds, Brother Tree, and Trees of Three Generation. After that, step up to the foot of the Chiayi city venues International Wind Music Festival every year.

Other Destinations is Kaohsiung city with attractions Spring Autumn Pavilion, Dream Mall which has a Hello Kity Land, and Lover River. Meanwhile, in the city of Hualien, the typical ami tribal dance performances also called cultural dance would be a complementary family vacation.

Tourists are often amazed how advanced transportation sector Development in Taiwan. Making roads properly addressed. In fact, the hill could have been broken into and made a tunnel to facilitate land transportation. Progress was evident from the dynamics of the community in Taipei. Arriving in the city center, you can freely shop, for examples in Shillin or Ximending Night Market.

So no more curious, use your time left in this life for sipping and tasting the beauty and the beauty of Taiwan are very, very interesting and impressive that is not easily forgotten in your mind TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.com browse our site and discover the benefits that can be used as a reference in your journey towards the smallest island in eastern China were large and spacious.

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