Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hybrid cameras

Take a picture and upload photos to social networks with smart phones? That's normal. However, capture and upload photos directly to social networking via a digital camera? That is just incredible.
Travelling now a hobby and hobbies are pretty interested in Indonesian society. Along with good economic growth more, the presence of low cost carriers from various airlines helped lift activity. He also became its own prestige for someone.

Now, hope to upload photos directly to social networking via a digital camera, be realized. Samsung, a leading electronics company from South Korea, succeeded in realizing the dreams of those who love social networking and traveled, with the launch of its innovative products, Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Samsung Galaxy Camera able to realize the dream of travel enthusiasts who love to upload the picture to social networks at once. Product marketing Manager of Samsung's mobile phone business electronics explains, this product is a hybrid product.

Samsung followed the trend of the development of the current camera is a trend, that is mirrorless. However, Samsung wants to provide a different experience. This product can be called a combination of smartcamera and smartphones. Features in the galaxy camera support for features in a semipro camera.

As described by the manager, that this product can not be called a camera that is able to compete with DSLR cameras because there are still many limitations such as the ability to use a variety of lenses. But, with the galaxy camera, users can interact more with the image produced by a wide touchscreen, which is super-clear 4.8-inch LCD. Not many cameras that use the touchscreen. Said the manager.

Playing in the 'blue ocean'

Samsung did see a bright new market camera. Habit someone traveled is displaying a picture in a variety of social networking applications, such as Instagram, path, and facebook. This is further facilitated because the galaxy like a smartphone with a camera be armed by 3G connection and Wi-Fi, as well as 1.4 GHz Quad Core processor equivalent to the Galaxy S III. Galaxy camera also has the latest Android OS, the Jelly Bean.

For matters of the camera, do not underestimate the power of Samsung lens with 21x Optical Zoom, 16 megapixel, autofocus, Xenon flash, and AF light. This camera also features the editing yourself so you do not need to bother using an application on your computer. This camera is perfect for those who are spirited adventurer, food blogger, fashionable, and a traveler, said the manager.

Samsung explains, consumers now are not too concerned with the number of megapixels a camera. He said what is needed is an internet connection. From this it can be said Samsung would like to try to play in the blue ocean 'as the camera market is pretty solid. The results proved to be quite successful and sells like in London, England, and Singapore. This is a new category camera industry. Samsung wants to follow the success of the Galaxy Note that a new category when it launched.

You could say Samsung is ready to compete in new markets, looking smart phone gradually been shifting digital pocket camera. How could I not? Now smart phones already have the ability to pixel is quite high and is good. In the future Samsung will continue to develop convergence on each product and will every devices with different functions can be connected. This can be seen in the galaxy camera.

Samsung galaxy camera

shoot a light trace photo and share it at the speed of light.
always connected with 3G Introducing the never before seen Samsung Galaxy Camera with 21x Zoom lens and 3G. Shoot and instantly share pro-like photos all from 4.8" HD display.

Connected Camera Begins

Seamless Connectivity (3G & Wi-Fi)
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS
8 GB internal memory + up to 64 GB microSD
16 MP with 21x optical zoom
1.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Free 50 GB cloud storage by Dropbox.

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