Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tourism asia

You have time for a vacation at a time when low season might not have to wait for the holiday season in December. More profitable again, the cost of the trip will be relatively much cheaper and more convenient tour conditions, especially if you want an adventure to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

Known as a shopping paradise, Hong Kong also has some attractive locations. One of the main attractions is the Avenue of Star, on the edge of the beautiful Victoria harbor and palm prints are the Hong Kong movie stars. While in the evening, watch a spectacular symphony of light show that combines music and a laser from the side of an office building in Hong Kong island.

The kids did not get bored because it can be fun to visit Hong Kong Disneyland ,Fantasyland or Grizzly Gulch try the latest games. There are also games hongkong ocean park to see a giant aquarium, a variety of adorable animals, or adrenaline roller coaster with hairpin raiser.

Get away to Taiwan, you will be presented with the natural beauty of Sun Moon Lake, a charming lake located in guang Hua Island. In addition, discover architecture typical of temples, palaces and historical buildings. Chiang kai shek memorial hall which is a tribute to the president chiang kai shek could be interesting and subsequent layover.

One of the most visited places in one region east asia is of course is the national palace museum. The building is full of history is an art gallery which is believed to have most china many artifacts in the world.

Not much different from Taiwan, China could also be a destination that provides the knowledge and experience memorable. Once there, you can enter into the natural history of the royal dynasty that once ruled and now a distant memory when you visit the forbidden city and the great wall of china.

Do not miss the panoramic beauty of nature in a beautiful Suzhou and Hangzhou. Meanwhile, the progress of technology and architecture design can be found when exploring Shanghai decorated with skyscrapers and shopping area comes and hangs out in Nanjing road.

Enchantment of countries in the Asia seems to be increasingly fascinating. For that, immediately contact your travel agencies online subscription you To do the tour program of your choice to Asia.

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