Sunday, December 4, 2011

Enjoying Winter in South Korea

executive summary by darmansjah

SOUTH KOREA into 'brands' that are so powerful in the world tourism industry. Famous for its ginseng and production of his films, the country is able to attract tourists not only because of its natural, but also food, culture, and of course the items are priced with relatively affordable prices.

There are so many places that can be visited in South Korea. In addition to the capital city Seoul, other places can be visited Jeju Island or who is familiar also known as Honeymoon Island, because of its beauty. On the island there are also Mysterious Road. Here visitors can see stationary objects placed on a declining path. Instead of rolling down, the object is to roll it over.

Among the many choices of time on vacation in South Korea, in December became one of the most appropriate. Because, when it is winter, which allows the traveler to experience an unforgettable, such as skiing in the snow. As in the Ski Resort, the most frequently visited in December, both by locals and tourists from all over the world, including Singapore or Malaysia.

In the meantime, if you are one of the fans of Korean movies, places like Nami Island course you often see on the screen. This is where taking pictures for the series Winter Sonata is also famous in Indonesia.

The name of the island Nami comes from the General Nami, one of Korea's young hero. This place offers interesting sights, especially the winter time, and can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nami Island. Not surprisingly with such charm, workshops and foreign tourists often come to see firsthand the beauty of which is shown in the film shows the KBS television station

In this place also travelers can enjoy one of the most famous foods from Nami Island Chicken Barbeque, which certainly is very suitable to be eaten in the winter time.

To further complete the trip in South Korea, also visit Sorak Mountain  or Sorak San in Korean, which is certainly very appropriate to visit during the winter.

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