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Spiritual Journey To Jerusalem

 Executive summary by Darmansjah

Preparation is final, I prayed: presumably all goes according to God's will. September 12, 2004 I went to Cengkareng DAMRI Airport by bus from the Metropolitan Mall Bekasi. Arrive at Jakarta International Airport at 16.00 Cengkareng. Coordination with organizers at 20.00. Check in at 21.00. Departing at around 23:00 an Airbus A-300 Qatar Airways. The plane stopped in Kuala Lumpur for 30 minutes and then forwarded to Doha, Qatar. Arriving in Doha, Qatar at 05.00 local time.

Doha city, the daytime.

The first impression is entered at the Doha airport that the airport is not so big, its not a lot of newcomers and cleanliness are generally good, although the small room is too small, causing long queues. In Doha, Qatar, the group 'city sightseeing.' The delegation visited the Museum of Qatar, Qatar Seaport, Market and Camels 'Carrefour Doha' the counter of his course numbers 50 pieces.

Doha city, night, from the beach.

Qatar time 14.00 proceed to Jordan to use Qatar Airways again. When passing through metal detector alarms, the alarm sounds, all have been checked but it still sounds as well. Officers inspectors, until finally the exasperated laugh (because of confusion), and finally asked: "Is there any metal objects embedded in your body (for surgery)?" I said no and finally I am be passed. Riddle my body contains metal (so the metal detector alarm goes off) just missed after arriving in Jerusalem.

Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan.

Two and a half hours we were on Qatar Airways. From Qatar Airways can I see the 'beautiful' in the Jordanian desert: like a picture of sea water in the wind. Arrival at Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan had a little problem that we were 'then we will (to) where? "Once described by the pastor finally guiding them to understand. Airport Jordan's Queen Alia International Airport when it was renovated so it looks messy.

Lobby Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan.

The group proceeded with the tour bus to the main goal: Israel. About two and a half hour drive we arrived at the check point Jordan. After going through a little investigation we continued our journey to Terminal Check Point Jordan River (Jordan River Check Point Terminal).

The atmosphere in the examination at Check Point Terminal Jordan River is very tight. There was a funny incident but annoying, one of the grandmothers have been checked quite tight, but it still sounds as well, apparently in the pocket coins's bag he brought quite a lot. No wonder if the alarm sounds. An annoying incident I experienced as well. As in Doha, nor alarm sounded, when all goods, whether they are metal and not have it all I've lost. I put in one place, but it still sounds as well. Apparently the shoe (worn) because of it. Meaning of the problematic since my departure from Qatar, boots (worn) is the cause.

Small things and ordinary, are asked for. For example, the officer asks the name of my father, so I call the name of the father, puzzled and asked why the officers 'family name' I am not the same as the name of the father. Apparently the officer did not understand that the Javanese are not known 'family names' such as ethnic Batak, Ambon and Manado, for example.

Things that other annoying, but it is indeed a fixed procedure is requested to open the suitcase and picked almost all the contents of a suitcase. Among others, the Bible was opened (to know) whether in the Bible (perhaps made ​​hollow-like in spy movies-and) there is something forbidden or dangerous to carry.

After two hours through a grueling inspection, we changed buses, driver and guide. Substitution buses, drivers and guides are always done when entry into / exit Israel. Once done we moved the bus. We were greeted by Indonesian-language spiritual songs: "Yes, Father, Abba, I am your Son ...." By Anis, the driver. We laughed and smiled happily pleased to have the driver a cheery and funny.

Hours 21:00 Israel time (hour 01 pm) we arrived at the Hotel Royal, Tiberias. It is located opposite the Lake Galilee (of Galilee, or known as Lake Tiberias). Lake Tiberias extent of 14 X 17 km2. The view from the 6th floor in the morning is very beautiful, while at the back of the hotel is a steep hill, the scenery is equally beautiful.

One point of view of Lake Tiberias, Galilee.

The next day spiritual tour begins. The trip was not written based on the order of the visit, but based on chronological order.

CHURCH OF SANTA ANNA is the place where Mary was born. There is the Pool of Bethesda, a place believed to cure all diseases when the water began surging. There are people paralyzed for years do not heal because they always lose it first with someone else. The Lord Jesus healed the sick crippled the decades. And since then the Pool of Bethesda is not enabled, because the cure is Jesus and not the pond. Basic Pool of Bethesda that has been dried looks creepy, because the depth is about 50-75 meters, and there is a building shaped like a well rounded, there is such a home. Made of stone steps so visitors can see the bottom of the pond. Entrance into the Church of Santa Anna we amazed partly because the building forms a large, antique and beautiful. The uniqueness of this church is the governance voice. Unique because without the use of electronic sound system. Interestingly, as quietly or as loudly as what sound the same intensity delivered will be accepted no matter where we are, with the voice notes passed from one predetermined point (about the size of the roundabout with a sign standing) and that's where the preacher stood preached.

Pulpit of the Church of Santa Anna.

Pool of Bethesda.

Annunciation Church (NEWS LIKE CITA) is a place where the Virgin Mary of the Annunciation (joy / revelation) that "Behold, thou shalt conceive and will give birth to a son, and be thou name him: Jesus!" - (Luke 1:31 ). Inside the church there is an underground cave where the Virgin Mary that time received a revelation. Almost all the churches who have visited the room / underground cave.


Church of Annunciation / Revelation

Church of the Nativity (Birth). Very large churches. To enter we had to go through a small door and bowed low. Inside the ornate beautiful and amazing. There are stairs to the bottom (ground) where Jesus was born. Is where the Lord Jesus was born. Church of the Nativity is the largest church of all churches visited. Outside the church there are two fig trees. This one fruit tree and other trees do not bear the curse.

The entrance to the Church of birth, should be lowered.

The birth of the Church altar.

An asterisk is the point at which the Lord Jesus was born.
Bethlehem In this city of  Shepherd Church stood where the shepherds received the news the good news of the birth of Lord Jesus. In this place we can see a cave as a sheepfold when it comes the good news of the birth of Lord Jesus.

Shepherd Church

CITY CAPERNAHUM Fig side are the ruins of the church building in Capernahum made of genuine marble. I have a special experience supervising pastor prayed total guided in a place that is believed there are no annoying devil. Is a city that has been criticized / condemned the Lord Jesus. But the city is also known as the City of the Lord Jesus, because Jesus made a lot of miracles in the city. In this city we prayed the total for the first time. All of us bear the burden that we brought in prayer. We are guided spiritual tour leader Reverend Roy Robert Tompson helped (thank God) 3 other ministers. Many who spoke in a language unknown to me. I pray in Indonesian. In this place was also Peter's stand-in-law's house (remember that the Lord Jesus never heal the pain-in-law Peter?). This house was built not on land that underlies the building because the land on which the building was condemned Jesus, so the house was built to hang, the foundation is located outside the land condemned.

Capernahum Church ruins, made of marble. As I visit are being reconstructed
MOUNT HILL  Temptation or is the place where the Lord Jesus was tempted by the devil after He fasted 40 days and 40 nights.

CHURCH FATHER Noster is a place where the Lord Jesus taught the Lord's Prayer. Our Father in various languages ​​of the world was framed on the wall. On one wall there is a right side frame of the church's Prayer in Indonesian and another wall on the left side-the-Lord's Prayer inscribed in Batak language. Our Father in the Java language also exist.

Gethsemani PARK CHURCH OF THE NATIONS and the left image is that there are olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed, located to the right of the Church of Nations. Nations Church is located across the street from the fort of East Jerusalem (Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Doom of the Rock). So called because the church was built by donors from various nations in the world. On the left side is where there is a PARK Gethsemane where Jesus prayed with his disciples. Large olive trees and short-like dibonsai-(whose age was about 2000 years old and surrounded by an iron fence) and the rock where Jesus prayed, we can see is still well maintained.

Olive trees in Gethsemane garden, now called iron fenced so that people do not take a break branches as memories.

Church of Nations. On his right is the park Gethsemani.
CHURCH PLEVIT Dominus is the church where Jesus wept over Jerusalem and prophesied its destruction. In front of the church there is a 'Tree Crown of Thorns. "Thorns along the approximately 4-5 cm. I mencucukkan thorns into my head, and it hurt like hell. Can you feel how painful the Lord Jesus as 'applied' "Crown of Thorns" is.

Town of Jericho is the oldest city in the world that its walls collapsed by Joshua praises. Being in this city we felt like in a city that lost the war, silent and visible debris everywhere. In this city there are trees in the literature that we know the Bible, the fig tree, where a short Zacheus climbed the tree so he could see the Lord Jesus. The fig tree is located on the fork in the road, the height of about 10-15 meters in diameter of trees large enough. Jericho town located about an hour from the Dead Sea, with a height of 300 meters below sea level. Jericho town is also famous as the lowest city in the world. We ate lunch at a restaurant owned by a person with Indonesian citizenship Arab fairly fluent (I believe because so often the spiritual tourists from Indonesia always-because of its position-lunch in this place). I got a free pin from the restaurant owner as a memento. Four square-shaped pin with a circular upper side with writing Jericho. And writing BLESS PEACE FROM THE CITY Oldest underneath that can only be read with a magnifying tool.

Fig Tree is phenomenal, which is short Zacheus climbed the tree the stretcher so he could see the Lord Jesus.

The quiet town of Jericho, but cool.

CHURCH OF SAINT PETER IN CALIGANTU Caligantu means "chicken." It is a place where Peter denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed. Once was the home of Caiaphas the High Priest. Under the church there is a basement where to enter the prisoner 'heavy,' a 'petty' in the (approximately) outside of the church and now resides in the former debris. To lower the high profile prisoners such prisoners should dikerek by rope through a hole the size of the human body. After heavy resistance is lowered until the bottom of the hole he could not get out / go up again if they are not assisted by the ropes. High profile detainees is' the Lord Jesus. "That's where the Lord Jesus was placed and finally expelled, accused, tried, scourged, whipped, crucified on the cross and the hill of Golgotha. In holes (underground caves) are now made of the paths we offer prayers in total for the second time.

GARDEN Tomb Pictures on the left is the park where we held the Lord's Supper with wine glass made of wood. Middle and right picture is the entrance to the place where Jesus was laid after the crucifixion. Is the place where Jesus was laid after the crucifixion. A narrow cave measuring only one person lying in a room next to him to pray. Here we carry out the Lord's Supper. Garden Tomb is located just next to the bus terminal. From the Garden Tomb we could see Mount skull was only about 20-30 meters. The hill as the name suggests: just a skull because it has two eye-like holes, one hole at the bottom resemble the nose and another hole under the nose resembles a mouth. Reference Bible: Then they came to a place called Golgotha, which means Place of the Skull. (Matt. 27:33), they brought him to the place called Golgotha, which means Place of a Skull. (Mark 15:22), As I carried his cross he went out to the place called Place of the Skull, in Hebrew, Golgotha ​​(John 19:17).

Garden Tomb, where Jesus was laid after crucifixion and finally rose on the third day.

This is where Jesus was laid. This room can only load about 20 people standing crowding.

Skull hill, so called because when viewed like a skull.

LAST FEAST OF THE CHURCH The Last Supper or the City of Zion is the place where the Lord Jesus held the Passover meal before the Lord Jesus suffered. This place is believed to be the place where the devil did not dare to interfere, then we prayed the total for the third time and invite the Holy Spirit to be present.

Church of the Last Supper looks forward.

Church of the Last Supper, looking inside.

Or Mount Nebo Mount Nebo is the mountain where Moses saw the Promised Land (Canaan). Prophet Moses was believed to have died in this place, but can not find his grave.

Mount Nebo, located in the territory of Jordan.

This is the Promised Land (Promised) it.
Via Dolorosa or Way of the Cross procession is the path of the Lord Jesus from the trial until at Bukit Golghota, while the cross. The entry of a large and sturdy gate, turn left, the road is very narrow. On the left and right there is store food (nuts, dates, sweets) and souvenirs (necklace, cloth, clothes, bags and beads) which always offers his wares to us in fluent Indonesian:: "Welcome to Indonesia. What is a dollar, which was two dollars. Cheap. Please buy for souvenirs. "Every now and then through a small loader garbage truck. From the narrow streets and an increasingly uphill road (towards Bukit Golghota) we can imagine how severe the suffering of the Lord Jesus, while the cross, beaten, fell 14 times (in 14 Stations-stop-), must be painful and bloody.

The entrance to the Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross).

Initial road Via Dolorosa.

On the Via Dolorosa there some kind of sewers (roundabout iron lid town line) is small and great, which describes the amount of the spilled blood of the Lord Jesus.
Qumran Picture left is the entrance to a cave in Qumran, the Dead Sea where it was found pottery (ceramics) and scrolls the text after-laden letters strung together into the Bible. This cave is the distance from where we stood on a special stage around 500 - 1000 meters. Right image viewed from a cave entrance nearby. Is the city where the original sacred scrolls found by Bedouin shepherds, located in a cave. Sacred scrolls were found inside the jars. In the Qumran group can see movies that depict the original discovery of the sacred scrolls. The film describes the Bedouin shepherd looking for cattle that have not been returned. After looking for these cattle were lost in a narrow cave. Scared in the cave there is something dangerous, the shepherd threw a rock hoping that stray cattle-animals will come out, it turns out that the stone was thrown on a crock and there was the sound of a broken jar. New next day some shepherds who dared to enter the narrow cave to see what the hell sound that broke because the stone was thrown. Movie screen and then rolled up, and we can see dioramas broken jars containing the original sacred scrolls.

Caves at Qumran, where the discovery of the roll, the precursor of the Bible.

Landscape at Qumran. We can only see from a distance of about 1 km using the tower for a rocky place.
THE DEAD SEA DEAD SEA or the Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world. It lies 400 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea is a lake (and not the sea, as we imagine from its name) where the water salinity is very high (33% more). Eastuary Dead Sea is where all the water from the surrounding valley. Due to very high levels of salt, we can swim or lie down without fear of drowning. But do not swallow or gargle with water from the (Lake) Dead Sea, because it could hurt our mouths. Also be careful with your eyes, do not get splashed in the Dead Sea water into our eyes, because it feels so sore. Instructions to bathe in the Dead Sea, the first is coating whole body (of course except the eyes and hair) with Dead Sea mud, the second is to let the scrub mud to dry, then we can dive into the water. Third, when going on a bedtime ritual in the water without fear of drowning is to raise one leg slowly as she stretched to the back (of course), put such a body would lie in bed and then slowly lift the leg that is still flat on the seabed. Successful, we sleep in the water without sinking. And if you want style, can be while reading a magazine. The only thing that is so stylish, just me, so one of my friends
retorted: "No wonder Mr. Pram this morning to take some free newspapers Hebrews speaks of the hotel, apparently was prepared to do a bedtime ritual in the water without fear of drowning while reading the paper, although not know what that means ... ... .... "

The road to the Dead Sea (Dead Sea).

In the Dead Sea, we could lie in the water without fear of drowning while reading the newspaper.

Lake Tiberias or Sea of ​​Galilee is a lake where the water was clear, calm and deep, measuring 17km x 14km. Is the lake where Jesus once walked on it during a hurricane and the disciples of the Lord Jesus who was a boat ride was very frightened. The disciples were surprised because it was the Lord Jesus walked on water and the wind was so noisy storm continued unabated. We climbed the replica boat that had once ridden the Lord Jesus for about half an hour. I was touched when there is a red-white flag-raising ceremony on the bridge. I was moved to lead the event and told his friends about the ordinance raising the red flag and white is right. All must be in a state of perfect attitude. Salute properly and reverently. I was crying emotion when the national anthem 'Indonesia Raya' was sung. When finished saluting the flag, all fighting over their pictures taken with red and white fly on the bridge of a ship replica of where Jesus had crossed the lake. Reverend Roy spiritual tour guide Robert Tompson said that the Lord Jesus ever walked on this Lake Tiberias. "You all must believe and trust?" We replied in unison: "Are you sure and believe ... ..!!!" Calmly he also invited us who believe and trust to jump and walk on the lake. We just smile, blush: fear, perhaps yes!

The dock when it will ship replica.

Ship replica.
Wailing Wall or Western Wall is also called the Wailing Wall or Western Wall is a place where Jews pray. There in the crevice between rocks at the Wailing Wall which is often used to slip the prayer written on a piece of paper and trusted his prayer was granted. Outer wall length is about 200 meters and the inside (room) about 100 meters. The outer wall is divided into two, because the congregation of men and women are separated. To enter the area of ​​the Wailing Wall or Western Wall is to go through Metal Detector Gate Alarms are guarded by Israeli soldiers equipped with automatic weapons. Within this area are prohibited from taking pictures with a camera (any type) even though we are free to bring a camera. I was fortunate to see oang Jewish right to pray on the Jewish New Year by wearing a small hat (like the hat worn the Pope). I pray without folding hands since one hand resting on the Wailing Wall and the other had to hold small caps that always fall in every breeze.

Wailing Wall to the east. Straight is the entrance to the synagogue.

Paper roll contains a lot of prayer inserted here.

This icon Wailing Wall. Visible Gold Dome (Doom of the Rock) in the east, a place of worship three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, while to the south there is the Al Aqsa Mosque (not shown in the picture).
MOUNT BEAUTITUDES is where the Lord Jesus prayed (Matthew 5)
Tabgha is a city, a place where Jesus performed miracles 5 to 5000 chop chop bread and two fishes to 2,000 head. And having eaten the remaining berbakul-baskets.

The front page of the Church Tabgha.

This is where the Lord Jesus miracle fed 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 chop fish.
CANA is the place where Jesus performed miracles to change water into wine. In December 2004 before Christmas, in Trans TV broadcast discovery at the site of ancient town of Cana in the form of shards of pottery /
earthenware which is believed was used in creating the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine.

BAPTISM PLACE Jordan River Jordan River is the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Jordan River water is fairly calm. In baptism made stairway and fenced to facilitate the person to be baptized (immersion) to go down into the water (river). The water is green. Initially I was surprised to see the water color is green, it turns out after I went down to the river, the water is clear enough. Small-sized fish of 5 cm a lot hanging around our feet. On the edge and across from the baptism of many trees such as eucalyptus and other trees that once shaded the place of baptism was magical. This eucalyptus trees, was almost all over Israel are often found these trees everywhere.

Jordan River are phenomenal. The place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

The ritual of baptism (immersion) in the Jordan River.

MOUNT Tabor is a place where the Lord Jesus be glorified. Our group got off the bus and ride to the location of Mount Tabor Church to take a taxi (Mercedes Benz station wagon) because the road is quite narrow and full of twists and climbs sharply. In every corner and climbs we met with a group of sharp young soldier on patrol along with the sweat of the hill with a complete weapon. From the side of Mount Tabor church we could see the eye area looking down: fields of olive trees. For the memories I'm picking the olive branch, because it will take a while beside the Church of Gethsemane Garden of Nations (where the Lord Jesus prayed) of course is not permitted and the olive tree which was already thousands of years old is encircled by a wire fence so that we can not take it.

STELLA MARRIS CHURCH The church is located on top of the hill is very beautiful. From the other side of this church we could see a downward view of the very beautiful: a major sea port of Israel, Haifa. In front lay a vast Mediterranean with ships of magnitude. From this place I am (thank God) had called Beauty Barrel Pramesthi, children who were celebrating the first birthday of the 12th. I say thank God because I plan to call my son at 6:00 am GMT. from the hotel, I was wrong to set an alarm. What is the time kusetel Israel (unlike 4 hours). I'm calling from a pay phone across from the church. The entire sidewalk pay phone in Israel is very easy to access. A few hundred yards before we reached the church Stella Marris, we passed a very scenic place like an empire, located on a hill with 600 steps that used to worship by nationals are Muslims but not Arabs. I had fallen while taking a picture because it is situated exactly at the sharp turns and steep, while the bus driver that Jewish nationality who is fluent in singing hymns in Indonesian is not slowed down.

Bahai is a place of worship of Arabs are not Muslims. It lies a few hundred yards ahead of the Church of Stella Marris.

At the Mount Caramel Church is located Stella Marris.

From the height of Mount Caramel is a wide spread of the Mediterranean and the largest sea port of Israel, Haifa.

Caesaria is an old city that was built in the days of King Herod the Great. In this city there is a monumental building, which is a place (stage) show an open (open to the sky) which places the audience sitting round a circle made of yellow limestone rocks. Because he was already hundreds of years there are some places damaged by (knowingly) directly exposed to rain and direct sunlight (outdoor stage). While the regulator of behavior (director) and actor or artist before taking the stage makeup under the stage (underground). For comparison, in Jerusalem, precisely in the city of Zion is also a place (a stage of metal) open the show which was built (looks like hell: while) in the crevice between the hills. So if the show dilakukankan at night, we'll be looking over the car. Unfortunately, we never walk at night. There is still one more phenomenal building, which is waterways, which in part has been destroyed by age. I got a picture with the background of a vast Mediterranean and blue.

Caesarea Stadium. The dressing room is located underground.

Caesarea aqueduct which was phenomenal. The bottom could be bypassed size truck.
SAINT PETER Primacy is the church where the mission of Peter. It's right on the shores of Lake Galilee (Tiberias). Until a few yards we could get into the lake of Galilee because the lake is sandy and sloping. Here the fish into small lots.

MOUNT OLIVE HILL OF OLIVE or or Chapel of ASCENTION is the place where the Lord Jesus ascended to heaven. Place the Lord Jesus ascended into heaven was once a small mosque with a dome of stone without iron frame. We know that the place was once a mosque is that the building was no place for the imam (prayer leader) facing (direction) to the south. At first I thought it was weird, really qibla to the south? I just remembered that Mecca (qibla of our brothers who are Muslims) are located in the south of Jerusalem. We (and every spiritual tour group) in front of a special pictorial Mount of Olives just off the main highway to the background of the City of East Jerusalem (they call it so), which consists of building the dome of gold, the Doom of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque and the fortress wall that surrounds the city of Jerusalem. That is what characterizes the image of Jerusalem.

Church of the Mount of Olives, where Jesus ascended to heaven. Formerly a place of worship for Muslims. Now a place of worship was erected adjacent to the Mount of Olives Church.

Lord Jesus. God is human and human is God.
*********  MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011********

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