Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kaohsiung City of love

The City of Kaohsiung embraces the passion of Southern Taiwan sunshine, and refreshes one's mind with breaths of the sea wind. The leisure life permeates the pedestrian promenade by the river banks to the busy street dotted with unique specialty boutiques. The night markets offer an array of local delicacies to top exotic cuisines. Coming to Kaohsiung, you can observe its vitality of the harbor city where at every turn of the corner can throw you by surprise.

Splendid Culture and Arts

wondering around is the best way to enjoy the city's artistic seenes. Popular sightseeing events include the street performances along the romantic shimmering Love River under the starry sky. In the daytime, a stroll at Pier-2 Art Center allows the tourist to experience the brilliant creatively of local and foreign artist. A causal bike ride leads way to the Pier of True Love or beautiful scenery of Cijin Windmill Park. The station of “Formosa Boulevard” of Kaohsiung Metro host the largest stained glass art creation titled “The Dome of Light”, which is rare masterpiece by the international art master exhibiting the radiance of urban landscapes in Kaohsiung.

Trendy Shooping Areas

Department stores and shopping malls surround the city's central shopping district. One of the most famous shopping center, “Dream Mall”, is a thematic international boutique shopping mall. In addition, E-Da World's is the Asia's largest designer outlet shopping center. Both shopping malls are featured with Ferris Wheels as their landmarks, which reshape the city's skylines above the commercial heaven.

Food and Delicacies

The nights of Southern Taiwan become more and more vibrant! Taiwan's most fascinating night market, “Liouhe Toursit Night market”, features all kinds of local delicacies and vendors. Fresh seafood is delivered directly from seaport of “Cijin Seafood Street” and the local traditional cuisines leave lingering good taste!

How to Get Kaohsiung

Domestic Flights : Domestic information Counter at Kaohsiung Airport (07) 805-7630
Taiwan high Speed Rail : Zuoying Station (07) 960-5000 / THSR customer service number (02) 4066-3000
Taiwan Railway : Kaohsiung Station (07) 237-1507 / Customer service hotline 0800-765-888 or (07) 281-1513
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