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Sensation celebrates Year End In Santa Claus

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Executive Summary By Darmansjah

End of the year is almost identical to the Christmas and New Year. At this time, there is no more appropriate thing to do, except to meet with the most popular Christmas characters: Santa Calus. Moreover there is no more appropriate place to meet with Santa Claus, except in the 'Village' it, Santa Claus Village, near the Arctic circle, the North Pole.

santa claus village

Old white-bearded figure clad in a long and thick red winter clothes were very familiar with the children. He was present at every Christmas to distribute gifts .. about where he lived, no one knows for sure. That said, she lived somewhere far away in the north - where he worked to prepare the toys and candy for children all over the world. Reportedly, Santa Claus lived at the foot of the mysterious mountain named Korvantunturi, Finnish language which means "Mountain Ear". So named because it was the place to listen to the dreams and hopes of all people of all ages and places. Then, about a hundred years ago, a passer admitted knowing the location of Mount Ears.


In order for the actual place of residence are kept confidential, but the people who love Christmas are also easy to see him, Santa Claus finally decided to regularly present at a location not far from the city of Rovaniemi, located in the northernmost province of Finland, ie Lapland. In a location that is near the Arctic circle there is the Santa Claus Village.

Since the turn of the millennium, Santa Claus Village's most spectacular tourist destinations in the Scandinavian region. Its popularity is also becoming famous given the number of visitors is increasing every year. The number of international visitors in particular increased up to fourfold in recent years.
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kakslauttane iglo village

By airplane, you will enter the North Pole region through the City of Rovaniemi. Once there, you immediately transfer to Saariselka to visit Kakslauttane igloo Village, a village famous for its houses and buildings made ​​of ice in winter. Weather permitting, and the opportunity to see the Ice Hotel (inn made ​​of ice) and Ice Pool (ice hole to swim), Ice Gallery (where the ice carving festival once a year for a week, and was attended by ice sculptors from around the world, the results exhibited this Gallery on ice),Ice Bar (made of ice). You are also invited to visit the Glass City, traditional buildings are made ​​of glass, so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the sky and nature around Lapland. Weather permitting, and also there is a chance to see the Aurora Borealis (the manifestation of the light that shines in the Arctic).

 Ice Hotel

Ice Pool

Ice Gallery

Ice Bar 


The next morning, you will also be invited to try Reindeer Sledge Riding (trains drawn by reindeer) and invited to the Reindeer breeding (long-horned deer specifically to draw the sledge). The journey continues to the city of Rovaniemi, the modern city and provincial capital of Lapland in Finland which is almost adjacent to the north pole.
Reindeer Sledge Riding 

Dog Sledge Ride 
Travel and a very memorable experience you will experience here. You are invited to tour the city of Rovaniemi. Next, you will be invited to visit the Husky Dog Farm to see the breeding of huskies from Siberia and try Dog Sledge Ride (carriage drawn by a special dog snow fields) is exciting. Then visit and enjoy the beauty of the Santa Claus Village, where you can see the workspace of Santa Claus, his post office is busy serving the children's letters from around the world, souvernir stores, or you can send a stamped postcard special Santa Claus Village to be sent to relatives-families. Besides the activities mentioned above, you will also receive a certificate as proof ever set foot in the Arctic. Intrigued with fun celebrating his final year at Santa Claus Village?

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