Sunday, December 18, 2011


Adventurers place and Enlightenment Seeker

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Located in the Himalayas and the adjacent premises of China and India. Nepal has a special magma;'s where the world's highest mountain is located. Mount Everest climbers could be a challenge to explore and reach its peak. From up there, I can not imagine the beauty as far as the eye could see. Heavy struggle always ends with great results too. Visas can be obtained when we entered the border of Nepal and bandarara. From Singapore, the flight can be reached directly. October to November is right  time recommended to visit this country.

Nepal is not only all about adventure. Seekers of spiritual enlightenment is also important to make Nepal as a destination to be visited at least once in their lives. The majority of people adhere to the teachings of Hinduism and some Buddhists. The trip can be started in Bakhtapur enlightenment. The town is famous as a center of medieval architecture and art in Nepal that has a distinctive series of shrine with a shape like the steps of the ladder to reach the top of the temple. The temple has a terraced roof.

Durbar Square is one of the places in Bhaktapur are visited by tourists. Rows of perch with a magnificent temple there. No wonder, making it one of UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Towering pagodas easily seen and not less sparkling charm with front gate Durban Square that is so beautiful. Talk is not complete without a taste Nepal Kathmandu. In addition to being the capital of Nepal, the city was the center of its economy. Various buildings with strong architectural history which is also the home and where religion is a sight that is not dull Kahtmandu.

Another favorite tourist destinations there is the Pokhara Valley. The distance is only 200 kilometers from Kathmandu. Being in the shadow of the Himalayas, the valley was still impressive, especially there Machhapuchhare Mt. Not only that Mount Dhaulagiri was ready to be traced further.

Meanwhile, somewhat Baidam tourist area that stores a variety of hotels, restaurants, to shopping. Do not miss also the Lake Begnas and 'Lake Arts' which captivates. There still water can create an almost perfect reflection. Not just a visual refresh, some people enjoy the lake with fishing or traveling by boat for rent by locals.

Still in Pokhara, there Barahi Temple can be found. Built almost exactly in the middle of Phewa Lake, the pagoda was a representation of the strength of women.

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