Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tasting Aroma on the West End of Year

At least there are two interesting reasons to visit Australia at the end of the year. First, if you want to feel the atmosphere of Western countries, a visit to Australia is relatively easier and cheaper but not closer than European countries and North America, including Canada.

The next reason, for those who are unfamiliar with the cold, even snow, which stabbed in the northern hemisphere, Australia in the southern hemisphere's abundant sunlight can be a fun option.

West is often synonymous with modernism  as embodied in the way the building of tall-foam which is equipped with latest facilities. However, if only it, the average major cities in Asia, call including Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong or even Kuala Lumpur, also no less full of skyscraper buildings.

If you have this, the difference is a natural and cultural sightseeing, of course, dressed in a Western atmosphere.

Australia's natural outing was impressive. As a continent, Australia innumerable small that some are calling it a "continental islands" or even called "the largest island in the world". Location that is separate from the other continents as well as bounded by two great oceans, the Pacific and Indonesia, making Australia is inhabited by a peculiar fauna not found in other States. Fauna typical Australian animals including marsupials, like kangaroos, koalas, and wombats.

Meanwhile, in terms of culture, with a population of mostly English and Irish descent, I wonder if the Western Anglo-Celtic culture dominates. However, since the 2000s, American pop culture is also rampant, especially through television and cinema. In addition through the various festivals that are often held in different cities, the easiest way to recognize the local culture is through the behavior of citizens.

To that end, please visit the various tourist sites that have been commonplace. Call it for example in Sydney, you can visit the iconic Sydney Opera House. Or, looking at different events around Sydney Harbour, which at the turn of the year is always enlivened by fireworks attraction.

For those who like listening to old buildings, it shall be scheduled a visit to Melbourne, a city nicknamed The Most Liveable City. In a quiet and clean city, the old buildings and still maintained neat and well maintained very well.

Another place is no less exciting in the land of kangaroos is located on the Gold Coast south of Brisbane (state capital of Queensland). Gold Coast has clean beaches (due to people's behavior that discipline will be supported by the cleanliness of a clean government with a minimal number of corruption) that can be enjoyed by anyone. Besides beaches, the Gold Coast has Movie World (Studio production of the film) that allows any visitor can see up close filmmaking techniques with interesting attractions techniques that will frame the sweet memories of Australia.

If these things become your dream vacation as fillers end of 2011, should plan a trip to Australia soon arranged. Moreover, today's increasingly easy visit to the Land of Kangaroos is because international airlines serve the many available routes to and from major Australian cities!

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