Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December in Segovia

 Avendano Plaza and Church of San Sebastian

Original text by Myrna Ratna, executive summary by darmansjah

From a distance the small town located on the hill was like touching the sky. Colored orange trees, shimmering afternoon sun overwritten.

 defending the city of Segovia Aqueduct

That we were riding the bus pulled in the parking Plaza del Azoguejo. The cold wind in December directly infiltrates into the pores of the face. The warmth of the sun quickly swept away the black clouds, changing a thin drizzle.

 ceramics Segovia

Scent of freshly ground coffee wafted from the row-centered cafe in the courtyard plaza. From behind the glass, the visitor looks huddle in small benches, wrapped in a thick jacket, holding the rim. Linger to chat in a long time to eat is not unusual here. Ah, no wonder not many people are seen milling around it. Cities with a population of about 50,000 people is relatively quiet.

 shopping center

At the entrance of the town stretches about 2,000 years old aqueduct (built in the first century Roman) whose condition is still well-preserved even still be enabled. The pillars towering aqueduct for nearly two melenian drain water from a creek in the mountains of Sierra de Guaderrma to shelters in the city's water. Approach one of the pillars, hold the stone, and imagine the difficulty of manufacture. Large stones were arranged to form a symmetrical arch.

 sierra de guaderrma

Construction massif stretching across the porch Segovia's 728 meters in length (total to approximately 15 km) and to "glue" of this city with the past. Not surprisingly, the entire town and its contents is defined as a UNESCO world cultural heritage.

 plaza del azoguejo

Aqueduct "just" the opening menu. The main menu is the city itself is dominated by dull ocre colored buildings with red tile roofs made of typical old towns in Europe. The difference is, all buildings maintained its authenticity. Building height was almost evenly, there's nothing more than the church steeple. From the heights, This town like a row of toy cubes with a wash of yellow orange red.

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