Monday, December 26, 2011

10 Best Cities to Celebrate Christmas

Some cities are just ordinary city, a metropolitan city with all its activities. However, at Christmas, a few cities in the world as a miracle given by Santa Claus. Yes, these cities were "transformed" into a full shades of Christmas cheer and warmth. Here are some of the city CNNGo version. executive summary by darmansjah

Nuremberg, Germany. Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt or Nuremberg Christmas market held in Germany is able to attract two million tourists each year. There are more than 180 wooden booths that sell a variety of Christmas themed crafts. Starting from a variety of candy, gingerbread, to unique ornaments.
Not just selling, each booth was decorated themselves as beautiful as possible. Therefore, these booths on race each year for the booth with the prettiest decorations. Visitors can also stop by the toy museum and museum of the German railways.

Vienna, Austria. Vienna city turns into a romantic Christmas markets. The tradition of festive Christmas bazaar has been around since the mid. Typical Christmas trinkets are easy to find in this market. Call it the gingerbread, roasted almonds, wine, until bratwurst or sausage.

Reykjavik, Iceland. To pamper your child, Iceland could be an option. Local folklore not only know one Santa Claus, but 13 Santa handing out gifts at Christmas.
Not far from Reykjavik, a Christmas-themed village of the fairies, there are at Hafnarfjordur. Here, visitors will be invited to tour the houses to see fairies and Christmas-themed shops.


Verona, Italy. The city will turn into a Christmas-themed cultural festival that brightens Lake Garda and fireworks at the castle of Arco. While the castle of Malcesine castle turns into Santa Claus complete with clowns and magicians to entertain visitors.

Sydney, Australia. It may sound strange Sydney this list. Therefore, Christmas is synonymous with snow. While Sydney in time for Christmas even entered the summer. However, for a different atmosphere, try to come to Bondi Beach Sunburnt Christmas organizing. Feast on a hot beach with great joy of music complete with barbecue dishes.

Mouans Sartoux, France. Since 1802, Foire aux Santons, or the carnival-themed Christmas figurines housed in Mouans-Sartoux. This makes the Foire aux Santons a night market which is old age.
Visitors can buy a small statue of Mary, Joseph, until the baby Jesus. In addition, visitors will be entertained by street artists.

Tokyo, Japan. After the tsunami and the nuclear crisis, Japanese cheer himself through a massive Christmas celebration. Thousands of lights will illuminate Tokyo as part of Japanese tradition of celebrating Christmas with a game featuring the beautiful lights and decorations.

New York, United States. Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center Christmas is like a magnet. Skiing with background Christmas tree in this place, a photo cliche for tourists who come at Christmas in New York.

London, England. Only in December, Santa suddenly popping up everywhere. You can just choose to take pictures or to see where Santa is. From Santa Claus at the mall until Santa Claus in theatrical performances.


San Juan, Puerto Rico. Christmas here last long. You are never satisfied with just celebrate Christmas in December can stop in this city. The celebration lasts from November to January. Christmas carols, fireworks, to enliven the celebration roasts.

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