Saturday, December 17, 2011

Carnival City is Gorgeous

Executive summary by darmansjah

Ventured into the land of the course will carve a distinct impression, first visited the place or state of being organized and festive events. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil comeback to steal the attention. Especially if it were not for the Rio Carnival is usually held in mid-February each year.

For those of you who want to feel the excitement of one of the largest carnival in the world, it is advisable to prepare for the journey to mature. Moreover, if you want to enliven the street parade which is one hallmark of the carnival.

In any event Rio Carnival, an interesting experience not only from
scrutinize parade floats or of the samba school students. Among the spectators were tucked into the stories of unique and interesting that no less exciting. Just look at the costumes and makeup worn by the audience, no less attractive with the performers. Understandably, the Rio Carnival is a The biggest carnival universal feast. So, everyone wants tone up.

Although it was held for four full days, but Carnival supposedly originated from the celebration of food in the days of ancient Rome and Greece are not at all boring, ranging from the parade on the highway, the dance, until the samba parade.

In accordance with his nickname, The Samba, Brazil has a lot of talented samba dancers. They usually join a samba school, and the samba parade is held each year at the Sambadrome, skill performance, and they will compete for the title of best samba school.

The parade is highly anticipated by the visitors of the performance. Moreover, every year, the participants always carries a different theme, so the visitors could guess each other and can go into the jury by commenting on each participant performing attractive festive atmosphere add to the samba parade.

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