Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Visiting the Sky Roof of World

Executive summary by darmansjah

A lot of literature as a country called Tibet the roof of the world. No wonder, reaching 4.900 meters height. Tibet also has a significant seasonal changes. Some pilgrims said that the month of May to November is the time to take a trip to Tibet. However, thick as a protective body suit of cold is it compulsory to carry. Travel between cities is usually done by car or motor vehicles through the land. Panorama offers elegance through which untold though enjoyed from behind the glass window of the car. Color experiences when interacting with the locals is another color when we visited Tibet.

For business visa, Tibet has a habit that is quite interesting. Many said Tibet was opened and closed according to mood. There is a good idea before deciding to explore this land, dig the latest information via the internet. Visa arrangements can be made through major cities in China, like Beijing, Cendu, Xia or Guangzhou.

One hallmark of Tibet is an animal which they called the Yak. The existence of the animal also influence the local culture. Tibetans make the yak's milk as a daily drink, even a favorite beverage. Guests are usually served yak milk.

Not to forget, the majestic Potala Palace in Lhasa, capital of Tibet. The palace is a UNESCO cultural heritage that never subsided by the visits of foreign tourists. Shrine place reputedly often used as a place of meditation by King Songtsam Gampo.

The palace with rooms displaying the chamber reaches 1.000 in every corner of the wide walls of high-quality artwork, ranging from carvings and paintings that on average are handmade skilled locals. Just look at the silk cloth covering the walls in the Potala featuring motif. Tibet with elegantly. Another target for the tourists who come to Tibet is Bakhon. The place is a place for tourists to shop. There, standing also lined with cafes and restaurants are tempting local cuisine to try.

Another experience that abstinence is the elegance of Lake Yamdrok missed. Located on the south Yarlong Tsangpo River, the lake including lake honored by the Tibetans because it is considered sacred. That said, the lake was believed to be the result of transformation of the goddess.

Surrounded by snowy mountains, the lake has always managed to melt the hearts of the audience. Stunning panorama; blue water of the lake combined with the green vegetation of the surroundings. When we visited in the winter, the lake was also helped freeze. Not that can not enjoy it, in the ice, her beauty still prominent.

Tibet also keeps the tradition of merriment which again never to be missed and held regularly every year. One is Losar. It is a festival of Tibetan new year celebration. Conducted a lively event as special offerings to family shrine deities. Crowd already looked from the doors of houses are painted with unique symbols.

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