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Favors not Know Graduated in London

  Big Ben clock tower became one of the icons of London. Every year millions of visitors come to see up close and hear the clang of hours every fifteen minutes.

river thames

Imagine you are standing on the bridge of the River Thames in front of Big Ben clock in the coming months. Imagination that may arise is the admiration of a building with a clock tower that chimes every fifteen minutes and the Houses of Parliament other names of the British parliament. In this building, domestic political processes taking place in the form of constitutional monarchy. Original text by Asep Setiawan, exectuive summary by Darmansjah

 house of wood shakepear

Then where did the first time stepping on arrival in London. Travelling in London many do and many choices. It may be that you are an artist. Thus, a myriad of theaters in London will be interesting treats, including theater programs Shaskespeare of Shakespear's Globe, House of wood Shakespear's Globe was first built in 1599 as an outdoor theater as Shakespeare worked and wrote many famous plays. The building is located in central London was opened back in 1997.

hyde park

If you connoisseurs of paintings, the gallery will be a national priority. If outdoor fun, do not forget, like Hyde Park or St James Park, will be the first place to enjoy London. In other words, whatever the background of visitors, the capital of the United Kingdom there is always a great choice.
st james park

Almost all the historical places located in central London. So it can be taken by tourists in one to five days. Usually visiting three places in London to enjoy and appreciate at the same time of the field takes one day. Here are some of them.

Big Ben

For a close look at this big clock tower, visitors who use the subway, or popularly called the Tube, simply stop at the railway station with the Westminster Jubilee or the District Line. Once outside the station, Big Ben was welcomed. Big Ben tower is part of the design of architect Sir Charles Barry, who rebuilt the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament are now called). Rebuilt because most of the palace was destroyed by fire October 16, 1834.

Although Barry became the main architect, the tower of Big Ben construction under Augustus Welby Northmore Were Left to Pugin. He also designed a gothic revival-style tower with a height of 96.3 meters, equivalent to 16 floors. There are two theories about the origin of the name Big Ben. First, the name comes from Sir Benjamin Hall, who led development. In his large and fertile, and to honor this building, so-called Big Ben or the fertile body. The second theory, derived from the name of the heavyweight boxing champion Benjamin Caunt who was also known as Big Ben or Ben are great.

Houses of Parliament itself is where 650 British MPs office. Every Wednesday afternoon, the Prime Minister should come to answer opposition questions. The debate in this building is usually broadcast live on television.

River Thames

Houses of parliament is situated on the banks of the River Thames is 346 miles long. The root word comes from the Celtic Thames to the river's name. Tamesas. Latin language is Tamesis and dengna modern Welsh accent into the Thames. The meaning of all words that are "dark".

London tower bridge

With about five pound sterling, or about U.S. $ 8.5 we can enjoy this river by boat from the port at Westminster to the Tower of London. If still interested, get to Greenwich within 30-50 minutes. And if not satisfied, one can ride the river transport service providers, namely the Thames Clipper. You can go up and down as much with tickets $ 18! The route from London Eye Pier to North Greenwich Pier is plenty to see, including the famous Tower Bridge.

Legendary Church

Still around central London (Westminster area), there is a legendary church that has recently become a marriage between Prince William and Kate Middeleton now called Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This is the Church of Westminster Abbey, the coronation of the queen and king of England. In fact, Princess Diana with Prince Charles also married in this church in 1981.
church of westminster abbey

chuch of St Peter
cathedral of St Paul

The church complex is located in a Benedictine monastery was rebuilt by Queen Elizabeth I in 1560 as a church-run of the Church of St. Peter.
For those who want to know more, the location of the church is also home to the tombs and monuments of famous British figures such as Sir Isaac Newton, David Livingstone, and Ernest Rutherford. In addition to this Wesminster Church there is a church no less importance, namely the Cathedral of St. Paul with outside architects and within the astonishing. This is where Queen Elizabeth II was crowned ruler of the kingdom of England.

Trafalgar Square

From the Church of Westminster, you can walk about 400 meters to Trafalgar Square with the famous tower. This monument was established in 1843 to commemorate Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson's victory over the French fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar, October 21, 1805. monument is a statue of Nelson at its peak is about 52 meters high.
trafalgar square

In the 14th century until the end of the 17th century, parts of Trafalgar Square is a page from the Great Mews or can be called as well as a warehouse or place of trains or heavy vehicles serving the Whitehall Palace. At the beginning of the 18th century, Mews is not used anymore by the Royal Household that the area is cleaned. In 1812 the architect John Nash developed a new concept to improve the face of London. He wanted this page form the cultural field, open to the public. New year 1830 was officially named Trafalgar Square.

Whitehall Palace

Before you get to Trafalgar Square, we should also look around the office of Prime Minister of Britain at 10 Downing Street. Although the road was lined with high iron and armed police guarded, we still get a peek at the office door of a black PM's famous number 10. Before there are a variety of terrorist attacks, tourists can still be a show-off or take pictures at the front door of number 10 was for the memories kenagan. Now the cops keep a small way towards the door of number one in England.

10 downing street


Lovers of the historical city of London can directly penetrate the road to Buckingham Palace. Road called the mall is on the left side there is a large park called St. James Park, while on the right side there is the official residence of Prince Charles.

Although quite cold air at the end of the year, but we can still enjoy the beauty of the park St James Park with beautiful lake. In the summer, most of the palace is open to the public, among others, for example, witnessed the wedding dress Kate Middleton. However, in late winter there is no longer an exhibition at Buckingham.

Buckingham Palace is not simply a symbol of the sovereignty of the British Empire. However, this palace has become a real residence of Queen Elizabeth II. It could be said also, this is the palace of the Queen of England who also became head of state of Canada and Australia. Not infrequently in the courtyard garden at the back of Buckingham held a concert that brought the famous British pop singer.

For tourists, of course what's interesting is watching the turn of the Palace guard fence that is in the Kingdom. Substitution guards usually lasts around at 14.00 London time. In addition to admiring the beauty of this palace, can also take a picture sitting on the Queen Victoria monument right in front of Buckingham.

Limited information that Buckingham Palace was built out in 1702 by the Duke of Buckingham as his residence in London. King Gorge III bought Buckingham House was in 1761 for his wife, Queen Charlotte, a great place for families, but close to St James's Palace where the royal lot of activities take place. Buckingham House was later better known as the Queen's House , Queen Charlotte inhabited and 14 of the 15 children of King George III was born here.

queen house

The front of Buckingham who had known called The Mall expanded in 1847 by Edward Blore and again in 1913 designed by Sir Aston Webb as a monument to Queen Victoria's background. This monument is installed as Queen Victoria was the first as ruler of the kingdom which inhabits Buckingham Palace in 1837.

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, including 19 state rooms, 52 bedrooms royal family members and guests, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 office spaces, and 78 bedrooms. This building has a width of 108 meters on the front, 120 meters in length, and height of 24 meters. In this palace, Queen Elizabeth and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, since crowned in 1952 to live and run the British monarchy.

Some other places

Of the many places that unfortunately passed away to London are:

Tower of Bridge known as the London Bridge. This bridge divides the River Thames and is made with open and close system if large ships to pass through.

Hyde Park, a vast field in central London. If you visit on Sunday, free speech can be seen from different schools of ideology and religion in one corner. Orator usually brings his own bench and stood surrounded by his supporters. They speak ranging from religion to condemn politicians and members of the royal family. No guarantee, whatever the presentation here will not be arrested. So, if your orator, can practice a few minutes to a fiery speech.

Oxford Street, where tourists who want to shop can satisfy his desire. Many options clothing and fashion brands are affordable to very expensive in stores such as Next, Selfridge, Debenhams, or Mark & ​​Spencer.


The British Museum. It is said that in this museum are artifacts originating from 1.8 million years ago in human civilization. Certainly not to be missed collections originating from Indonesia, such as relics of Buddha statues and a small statue. In addition, the collection of Egyptian mummies is also a concern many people in addition to artifacts from ancient Greece.

Madame Tussauds wax museum also includes the popular tourist destination. Although quite expensive to visit the museum which is located near Baker Street Station, but the tourists will get a sense of satisfaction can be photographed with world renowned artists and leaders. In it there is also a wax statue of Michael Jackson and members of the royal family , including Prince William. This wax museum packs in such a way that the visitors brought bleak directly acquainted with celebrities and famous figures in the world.

Sherlock Holmes Museum. Located not far from Central London Mosque, or Great Mosque, four-floor museum presents a variety of characters and devices that emerged from the Sherlock Holmes detective story. Tourists can go up and down the narrow stairs of the building to witness the man who became an enemy detective Holmes also holds a wide variety that appears in the story of Holmes adventures.

If you are a fan of the theater, do not miss to enjoy world-class performances at various theaters of this city. The show not only on the weekends, but also almost every day. Performances are packed in a modern theater with a variety of multimedia attractions  have already lasted a dozen years, such as Les Miserables. Travelers can also enjoy The Lion King. Phantom of the Opera, and even modern films, like Shrek and The Musical. Booking is very easy because the ticket seller not only in front of the theater itself, but also in some places and crowded corner of London that many tourists.

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