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Comfortable Greet from EUROPE

Who would not want to go to Europe? The second smallest continent in the world is promising charm that seemed to have no end. In contrast to the era of the grand tour of one hundred years ago, technological advances have been getting easier for us to be able to explore all corners of the continent that promises a variety of beauty. Ranging from airline tickets, hotels, until the selection of destinations to be visited, all can be obtained by cell phone. During his stay in Europe too, you can easily connecting with the internet so that connectivity is maintained. Search directions by application Google Map or share pictures during your traveling in Europe with Facebook and Twitter, all you can do with ease and simplicity. Executive summary by darmansjah

Pershendetje! Moving into the Adriatic Sea, a newly independent state of Albania. Start your adventure in the capital Tirana to relax in Skanderbeg Square and wandered about in a small town which can be surrounded only by foot. As a former Ottoman territory, many relics of the Turkish nation which you can enjoy in this country. One is the city of Berat in Osum River. A variety of virgin beach awaits you between the city Vlora and Sarande bordering to Greece.

tirana city in the night
Skanderbeg Square

city of berat


Alo! Romania and Hungary, two countries in the Balkan peninsula are also promising adventure that is not less interesting. In Bucharest you can enjoy a wealth of architecture with many beautiful variety of the palace buildings are still well maintained. Similarly, Budapest in Hungary that has a Chain Bridge, Danube River bridge that connects the cities of Buda and Pest. Beyond that, nature is still beautiful Eastern Europe has been waiting for you. Prepare to be amazed by stalagmite and stalactite in the Aggtelek National Park, Hungary, or Pestera, Romania.



buda castle


aggtelek national park

danube river bridge 

pestera, romania

Bonjour! In the Mediterranean Sea, ad a small country that has not been a lot of tourist attention. Malta, located in the south of Sicily, Italy and is about 200 kilometers from the coast of the African continent, a lot of tourism potential of architecture, fantastic beaches and cultural mix of Arab-European cultures that make this country attractive. Starting from Mdina and Rabat, Gozo island until the beaches are beautiful, charming visit to Malta will leave fond memories.



gozo island

Caiao! Malta northern State there precisely shaped boots, which is one of the world cultural center. Italy, with the charm of the Mediterranean coast and inland Tuscany that remedy, has become one of the dream state. Starting from Rome laden with cultural heritage, the Amalfi coast with a fantastic panoramic view, to small towns at the foot of the Alps as Trento, all promising a unique travel experience.


amalfi coast



Hola! Ola! Moving to the end of the Mediterranean Sea, two countries with similar cultures that you can visit. You are interested in the State with a variety of exciting festivals, cultural blend of moor and catholic slick, and culinary tradition that has worldwide? Visit the Spanish, the world's storehouse of artists to have now is still the center of the development of modern art. Starting from Valencia to Santiago Calatrava's architectural gems to San Sebastian which has many restaurants with Michelin stars. Starting from the famous Ibiza as the party central Europe to Salamanca who has one of the oldest universities in Europe. Located adjacent, Portugal promises an adventure that is not less interesting. In addition to Lisbon is full of roman-style buildings, gothic, baroque, modern and posmo, Portugal also has many other attractive destinations like Sintra, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and Madeira, the island has always been a vacation destination all year round.


santiago calatravas

san sebastian





Hello! Country who just carry the most grand royal weeding this year is the next destination that should go into your itinerary. Great Britain is a country with rich culture as well as nature that will never make you bored. After visiting various landmarks satisfied in London, from Buckingham Palace to the London Eye, You can leave the bustle of town to the countryside of Wales is full of natural scenic beauty, Stonehenge amazing or visiting the city headquarters of your favorite football clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool, England is a big country saying to miss.

st paul church in london

buckingham palace

london eye 

 countryside of Wales

Heys! Duit! Ireland has its own uniqueness. Although the shadow under the British, this country offers natural charm that not many people know. Take the example of the Wicklow Mountains with a lot of neolithic relics and Lough Mask, a lake which is the goal the dream of the angler fish Trout. Landscape of hills and friendly community characterizes Ireland, of course gathering with whiskey that became its flagship export product.

wicklow mountains

lough mask

Hello! Back to cross the English Channel to mainland Europe, there are countries which have strong ties with Indonesia. The canals in Amsterdam, in the fishing village of Volendam, Rotterdam is an advanced one of the central port of the world, until Maastricth which is one of the oldest cities in Europe are several reasons why the Dutch are many foreign tourists destination. One of the festival that makes this country very popular Tulip Festival is held every month from March to May in Keukenhof.





Gutten tag! Located adjacent to the Netherlands, the State which this one has a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality car and the number one producer of beer. In part never be the ruler of Europe at the beginning of World War II, Germany has a unique history that made him one of the best destination on this continent. The modern city of Frankfurt or Berlin which laden culture, Munich is often chosen as the best city in the world or Neuwanschtein who became like a fairy tale castle of dreams, are some small examples of the diversity of interesting sights are owned by this State. You want to enjoy the natural destination here? Black Forest and Jasmund National Park directly dealing with the Baltic Sea can be your goal.




jasmund national park

black forest


Grus got! You probably know many of the State on this one through music. As the birthplace famous composer such as Johann Strauss, Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austria may be regarded as a center for the development of the classical music world. In the modern century Austria was still showing his skills, evidenced by the popularity of the movie Sound of Music is still popular to this day. In addition Vienna to the Schonbrunn Palace is the cultural center of this country. With most of its territory located in the Alps and delicious food that became his trademark as apple straddle, Asutria which offers exciting blend of cultures.
Schonbrunn Palace


Hej! Countries in this Skandinvia two neighbors, connected by the Øresund bridge, one of the wonders of the world has particularly structure clumps similar cultures, Denmark and Sweden have the same love of design. If Denmark has Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair the creator of the legendary, Bodum is famous as a producer of household tools of high quality, and Georg Jensen are producing high precision cutleries, then known as the Country of Sweden IKEA, H & M and Volvo come. When Copenhagen has Nyhavn, Strøget and Tivoli Garden, Stockholm has the Gamla Stan, Skogskyrkogarden, and more than 100 museums.

Øresund bridge



Tivoli Garden 

Gamla Stan 


Albania, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Hungary, England, Ireland, Italia, Germany, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey, are all part of the European countries are very attractive for your visit! Interestingly, the later you travel, communication can be maintained easily because it has been available on the internet quiet service network abroad using GSM or. just by spending money around U.S. $ 3.3 per day, you can comfortably greet friends at home or doing other activities while still enjoying the trip in fifteen European countries are.

Tips Traveling to Europe

1. Avoid traveling to the continent this summer diving. In addition to the extreme air, various tourist destinations would be crowded with tourists from foreign countries. Try to visit this country in late August to October.

2. Use trains for transport between cities. Although slower than airplanes and even sometimes even more than the budget airlines, the trains you can see first hand the European landscape is very fascinating.

3. Buy souvenirs on the last days of the trip. In addition to practical, you can focus your energy and thoughts to
maximize the experience traveling this dream.

4. And maybe just get a cheap hotel or hostel, but no experience are more interesting than staying with local people. Besides being able to interact directly with the native population, you will also find the other side of the places visited. Visiting sites such as http://www.couchsurfing.org or http://www.travelersfortravelers.com for more information.

5. Use a reliable phone provider for your connectivity while in many European countries. Provider 'has provide package of U.S. $ 3.4 per day for internet and blackberry with two easy steps. BlackBerry local service subscribed to press * 123 * 4 # OK / Yes as long as in Indonesia (Indonesia's special!). 
BlackBerry service subscription roaming with press * 899 * # OK / Yes in the State of destination.

6. Be careful with your wallet and pocket money, because in Italy a lot of pickpockets, and avoid deals that forced the migrants to roam around Rome and major cities in Italy and Spain.

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