Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Challenging Surprises in Hong Kong

Seconds turn of the year is when the awaited. The last night of 2011 this will end once the clock move across the number 12. The appearance of the dawn in the eastern horizon after the first dawn of 2012.

Moment of the turn of this year should not pass up. Many interesting ways that can be done, ranging from meals with the family on New Year's Eve, the roads out of town, or just hanging out with friends waiting for the seconds turn of the year and welcomed with great fanfare.

Another alternative is a holiday abroad. For those of you who want a vacation abroad with a budget that does not drain the pouch.
Hong Kong is one place to celebrate New Year's Eve swing and different than usual.

Challenging Guts

Set foot in Hong Kong was not yet complete if it did not look at Ocean Park Hong Kong. Attractions that began to clean, repair, and complements the recent bicycle is indeed attractive.

Asianlinks said, "Ocean Park is becoming a favorite destination in Hong Kong. Here there are many subordinates an interesting game, the zoo, a giant aquarium, and other new subordinates are not less attractive. Uniquely, Ocean Park has beautiful scenery as located on top of a hill. "

Furthermore, Asianlinks explained, Ocean Park Hong Kong currently has a number of rides and games facilities are impressive and do not have other attractions in Hong Kong. Call it the Aqua City.

Aqua City is an area to look at life under the sea animals from around the world. Can also visit the aquarium giant dome in the Grand Aquarium. Here, you can see about 5,000 fish from 400 species. Hammerhead sharks and bluefin tuna, sea stars, sea cucumbers, and others in the Grand Aquarium. Feel the sensation of its own time and went down the tunnel bubble dome tank 5.5 meters in diameter.

Experience the underwater world will be more viscous when you dine at Neptune's Restaurant. Enjoy a delicious meal with the atmosphere around that is similar to the underwater panorama will be presenting its own memory in your memories.

Prior to feel the charm of this vehicle, enjoy the attractive scenery in advance for travel by cable car. Do not forget to take a photo background game rides in Ocean Park.

Will you get a different sensation in the Rainforest Adventure. Adventure with the atmosphere of a tropical rain forest with forest-dwelling animals will accompany you down the rapids during the Rainforest Adventure.

Entering Mountain Thrill rides, your adrenaline will be tested. One of the newest rides at Ocean Park with a shape like a hairpin. This vehicle is capable of delivering the load to your body for up to four times the force of gravity or pressure 4G for four times the weight of your body.

Although challenging guts, roller coasters at once will captivate you. Since the position of Hong Kong Ocean Park is located on a hill, when it reaches the top hairpin, you can see the panorama below the hill and the sea that lay around him.

When the roller coaster has not been able to make you scream hysterically, try to ride The Flash. This game  will swing your body up and down and rotate your sitting position.

Will also be an interesting experience you get when visiting the zoo in Ocean Park Hong Kong. In addition to animal furry black and white pandas are adorable, you can also see the red panda cuteness. Red Panda? Yes, kind of animals that are smaller panda has thick reddish fur and ears are white fur. These animals will not you meet  elsewhere.

Enjoy the beauty and thrill of Hong Kong Ocean Park is as inexhaustible. In addition to the area and a play ground that has been mentioned above, you can see the Jellyfish Spectacular, Pacific Tier, Ocean Theatre, experiencing the underwater journey with the atmosphere in the Ocean Express, or show Symbio. The Symbio is a water-screen show which was shot with a laser beam so as to create a picture story like a movie. This show can be seen from different sides or 360 degrees? Awesome!

No less fun

Not only Hong Kong Ocean Park. Many other varieties are stunning in Hong Kong, ranging from Wax Museum Madame Tussaud in Victoria Peak, Avenue of Stars, eating at a floating restaurant Jumbo Floating Restaurant, shopping at the famous Ladies Market and negotiable price, or try one of the mass transport in Hong Kong a clean and cheap, the MTR.

New Year's Eve celebration will be more special and romantic if you follow Bauhinia Cruise around Victoria Harbour. Dri lights sparkling office buildings while waiting for the seconds turn of the year and enlivened with a fireworks display that lit up the night sky of Hong Kong will accompany the snack menu and the accompaniment of solemn music.

One of the added value when on vacation to Hong Kong, you can visit Shenzhen and Macau. In Shenzhen, you can visiting Window of the World, with a central event in the form changing fireworks display of miniature Eiffel Tower-Paris. Followed by to see the beautiful dancers dressed indigenous tribes of the plains of China and the attractions of the drama Dancing with the Dragon and the Phoenix.

To get to Macau, you will enjoy in the form of water transportation is convenient because the ferry is equipped with air conditioning. On arrival in Macau, sea views and the building former Portuguese heritage can be witnessed. The oldest temple in Macau A Ma Temple is one of the attractions you will visit. Ruins of St. Paul's Church make symbol of Macau city gate no less unique. In the meantime, watch a spectacular laser show in the Bubble Theater-City of Dreams, the Dragon Treasure Show not to be missed.

The main choice of people with money to spend the night in Macau is the
Venetian Macao Resort. Besides having the luxury of building design and magnificent, Venetian Macao Resort also has about 3,000 rooms, thus bearing the title of the resort with the most rooms in Asia. In it, a variety of branded goods shops pamper you to choose a souvenir. Do not forget to relax for a while with a gondola ride in the middle atmosphere of the afternoon because here you always see the sky is always sunny and bright which makes forget the time.

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