Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AIR TRAFFIC | Mentawai

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali
There are a series of reasons to visited the Mentawai and hard not to immediately fall in love with it. Archipelago outermost region of West Sumatra is given of nature are so beautiful and unique culture of its people.

There are four main groups that inhabited islands, namely Pulau Siberut, Sipora, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai Island. The majority of residents are the Mentawai tribe, which has a culture of the Neolithic era.

Is a natural if the Mentawai tribe met with ornate tattoos on most of the body. Tattoo art has become one of the things that brought the name of the Mentawai all over the world. Culture also has a tattoo that is described as the oldest in the world. Not just tato, every tattoo is etched on the body it becomes part of identity, a symbol of social status, profession, and natural meaning.

Learn the art of tattooing is ultimately not just to understand the forms, motifs, and its beauty. But it also led researchers come all the way to each corner to listen more deeply the meaning of tattoo for each person's life. Judging from the point of culture and its role is no less telling.

On the other hand, the Mentawai also so famous among surfers thanks to the beauty of the waves. Mentioned more than 100 points can be found surfing, with waves caracteristic diverse.

No wonder the Mentawai several times to host the world surfing competition sponsored by a major label. Indeed in 2011 the Mentawai will return the surfers coming from all over the world number one event in surfing competitions. However, the tsunami first hit the islands on October 25, 2010, and still leave the tenderness and the continuing lack of post-disaster relief.

Tourist resort is a mainstay, too, swept away by the waves destroyed. Although up to now still trudge to regain its footing, many people who remain optimistic about the tourism industry Mentawai. Because the Mentawai have a relatively faithful to its own market by playing the waves, and natural beauty that are categorized as virgins.

Mentawai is not just a collection of islands in West Sumatra. He had all the potential that should be maintained to preserve, known not only in foreign countries but also by the nation itself, and developed.
Now comes the waiting period Mentawai recovery, hopefully he is able to spread its charm even further.

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