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YOUR TRAVEL | Latin America

Exotic adventure in Latin

 plaza-vieja Havana
Executive summary by Darmansjah

che mural

Latin music sound that is so typical of exotic sounds in the ears, has always managed to seduce the body to sway. Dance movement was no less dynamic, follow each rhythm is so fast moving. World Latin did manage to hypnotize people. Through a unique art and culture, as well as the civilization that continues to leave trail admire in the minds of modern society.

Latin story is precisely what could be shelled out when they travel to Cancun, Mexico. Being a resort town with a cluster blessed very beautiful beaches, Cancun can be considered the most glamorous places in Mexico. He also became a vacation spot and among the Hollywood jet set Americans celebrity to drink in the sunshine with a variety of typical beach vacation enjoyment.

Even if not shopping, just point a foot to the Market 23 and Market 28. Not only featuring specialty items Cancun, souvenirs from all over Mexico can be found here.

However, less afdol it if they travel to Mexico do not see traces of past civilizations. Only two hours from Cancun, Chichen Itza there, a site of Mayan civilization of Indian tribes from the year 800 BC. Here there is the Pyramid of Kukulkan, one of the icons of Mayan civilization in Mexico. This pyramid was built with the outer structure a ladder or terrace, similar to the pyramid at Machu Picchu, Peru.

 Chichen Itza

Machu Picchu, Peru

While traveling to Havana, the capital of Cuba, will open the eyes of the State is so synonymous with cigars and the legendary warrior, Che Guevara. Relaxed and warm atmosphere typical of the Cuban people can be felt in every corner, many people play music, dancing salsa, and rumba in almost every side street of Havana.
Havana was divided into two, namely Old Havana with a lot of old buildings with distinctive styles of Spain and Modern Havana, business and financial center. While downtown Havana (Havana Centro) is an elite area known as the Vedado and has a variety of hotels and luxury villas, can be rented by the jet set.


Old Havana
Havana Centro


Traveling  within the city would be more exciting by using a Coco Taxi, public transportation which resembles a three-wheeled motorcycle helmets. And if you want to know how a quality cigar is produced, please go Vinles Village, one of the major tobacco plantations in Cuba.

 Vinles Village

All this will certainly be an unforgettable experience [HDG]

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